BF2 Patch Needed: PS3 update needed for Bad Company 2 freezing

By Alan Ng - Mar 17, 2010

Despite informing PS3 owners that maintenance had been ‘successful’ on Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – it seems there is still huge problems relating to random game freezes and crashes.

From my experience, the freezes have mostly happened when loading into a game – which always requires a hard restart of the PS3. The worst thing is though, it also freezes the PS3 of squad members, at the exact same moment – which is clearly not good.

Ive seen no word from EA regarding this matter – and I’m not even talking about the PS3 in-game store that still isn’t up by the way.

Judging by your response on the official forums and our previous article regarding this matter – it looks like there is a good amount of you in exactly the same boat.

We’ll press EA for an answer, but I doubt we’ll get it. Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • Anonymous

    I have the exact same problem, hope you have found a way to make it work, because i can hardly live without it :-/ I have tried deleting, reinstalling, and updated, loaded gamedata again, and still the sound cuts out after 4-5 mins if i am lucky to join my freinds games at all. It either frezzes in thefirst round, and can only turn it off via I/O button. Beep bep beep…. If not, then as the next round is loading, and loading and loading until i force myself to quit game and hear my ps3 reseting with three beeps 🙁
    Please help if you have found a way to fix it 🙂

  • Same here… Freezes in Mutli

  • SuperiorSquid

    Ya i have loads of freezes to, on bbc1 i had it to, so god damn annoying im getting sick of it.

  • Neal_911

    I have one of the original 60Gb release models of the PS3. Battlefield always freezes for me, online and offline. I've never had problems with any other game, except Uncharted 2, which only frooze ONCE during the entire campaign! I've also played GTA IV, MGS4, COD2 all fine with no problems, but this game must have some SERIOUS memory leaks to cause the entire console to freeze up. It sucks. SORT OUT YOUR GAME TESTERS EA!!!! You should test your game on every released PS3 console to date, before publishing to the public, its not Rocket Science, it's just common sense! My mate has a newer 80Gb PS3 and it works flawlessly… Why should I have to go out and buy a newer PS3 just to get this game to work!? >_<

  • William

    Online or offline, Lock Up! Freeze! Frozen! Only game that does it to my PS3. Did a "Restore Default settings" after trying another disc of BBC2 from Blockbuster, reload and all. Lost my 1943 and all my trophies for nothing. Still freezes but even sooner than it was before the restore. All this started after the last PS3 download, I played for a month with no problems! What is this? I restored my entire PS3 got a new copy of it and still locks up????? Do I go buy a new PS3? I love this game and right now its the only game I want to play!!!!! HELP!

  • Paul

    Worked fine 1st day I got it (yesterday), installed the update before first play. At exactly midnight the game froze and now freezes at the end of every multiplayer game and needs a few hard resets. Also freezes at the end of the first campaign level, so can’t even play offline!

  • chris

    yo no matter what i do i lose the network connection im getting pissed i just went out and bought a sixty five dollar router with security and still no change all my other games online work fine it just seems to be e a games and at this point i have spent 125 dollars including the game price its self just to play this fucking game for what you ask? nothing at all when i do get to play for five minutes and fucking awesome game but after that nothing….do yourself a favor and save your money mw2 is a decent game not as good but decent. i wish i could get e a to refund my money its bullshit

  • vee

    RECALL PS3!!!

  • BoBster88

    My was freezing and the store was non functional but after yesterdays update everything seems to be fine.

  • Jacob

    i own a PS3 and the store is up for me,i have not had a problem with freezing but i do still get occasionally stuck in a wall when going through a door.