Windows Phone 7 Vs iPhone 4G: Social Media sharing will be key

By Alan Ng - Mar 16, 2010

We have an very interesting article for you to check out now, in which a debate has started on whether Microsoft’s recent demo of social media features within Windows Phone 7 handsets, will be able to prise owners away from handsets such as the iPhone – a handset which is seen as a key rival to Microsoft in this department.

The article in question comes from Zdnet, who tell us about Foursquare – Microsoft’s big push into the social media world.

At the moment, the iPhone has standalone applications for you to get your daily fix on the likes of Facebook, Twitter and so on. But Microsoft’s FourSquare app intends to create a hub for all your social interactions, in one easy-to-access place.

While exact details on FourSquare are minimal at the moment, it does look to be an adventurous move for Microsoft, but will it pay off? The interface certainly looks nice, and the potential of the service does look promising. You can see a brief video preview of FourSquare in our previous article here.

Do you think Microsoft can overtake Apple in the social media department or not?

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