nVidia Aim to Bring 3D PC games to 3D TVs

By Jamie Pert - Mar 16, 2010

2010 is set to be a great year for 3D TV and 3D gaming, so far most of the 3D gaming hype has been surrounding the Sony PlayStation 3, however nVidia are actively aiming to bring 3D PC gaming to 3D TVs.

To make this possible nVidia have developed software which will do just this, this software is called nVidia 3DTV Play and will apparently “allow you to play games from a 3D-capable PC on a 3D TV”.

The software itself is said to support any HDMI 1.4 3D TVs and you can use any 3D glasses, this will then allow you to play standard PC games in “stunning 3D environments”, this is mainly thanks to real-time GPU accelerated decoding, this allows consumers to view full 1080p Blu-ray 3D movies and gameplay, there is also talk of 3D photos.

The software itself is pretty inexpensive at just $40 (when it launches this Spring), however the real expense will be the 3D capable GPU and a 3D TV, for further details check out the link below.

Source: VG247

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  • Anonymous

    I just got a 3D TV:P

  • Anonymous

      I really want to know how to bring 3D PC games to 3D TVs, it is interesting.