L.A. Noire: Will Feature Real-World Detective Work

By Jamie Pert - Mar 16, 2010

So far details regarding Rockstar’s upcoming L.A. Noire game have been pretty scarce, however a recently published article posted on JoyStiq revealed some more information.

The Vice President of development at Rockstar recently spoke to Edge, he stated “With traditional adventure games, everything is based on what the designer wants you to figure out” and added “We’ve kind of gone for a different approach, which is more like real-world detective work”.

I must admit I am quite intrigued about L.A. Noire, however I don’t think I will be satisfied until I get my hands-on a game demo or see some gameplay footage.

If L.A. Noire proves to be a success it may set a new genre for games, and I must say a detective genre would be welcome addition to my day-to-day gaming

Source: JoyStiq

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