iPhone 4G, iPhone Pro and iPhone HD: What Name Do You Prefer?

By Jamie Pert - Mar 16, 2010

Although the iPhone 4G has not yet been confirmed rumors surrounding this smartphone are rife, so far we have seen concept images, rumored specifications and rumored names, the latest of which suggests that it may be called the Apple iPhone HD.

Prior to this a previous post looked into the likely-hood of the fourth-generation iPhone being called the iPhone Pro, however a recent post on OnlyKent suggest that Apple may be considering the name ‘iPhone HD’.

Personally I feel that Apple will probably just call the fourth generation iPhone the iPhone 4G, however if the handset is not compliant to 4G networks (which is very doubtful) perhaps they will choose another name to save confusion.

If the handset features HD video recording the iPhone HD name would be very suited. As for the iPhone Pro, perhaps they should save this name for an iPhone with a physical keyboard and suited software pre-installed which will appeal to professional users.

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  • brandon

    4G networks are still years away, at the moment there are only a handful of countries which are running trial programs for the service. Considering this, no manufacturer will make a commercial 4G phone until there is a market to make it worthwhile, hell, there are still plenty of 2G phones being put out

  • Scott

    Have we forgotten, the first gen iPhone was just called the iphone, the second gen was called 3G and the third gen was called 3GS. The "3" in #G and 3GS is referring to the network not the generation.