God of War 3: 12.00am Global Launch, Will You Queue?

By Jamie Pert - Mar 16, 2010

At midnight tonight we will see the launch of one of the most highly anticipated exclusive games of 2010, this game is God of War 3 for the PS3, this game has received some extremely positive reviews lately.

Quite often with games of this stature the demand can outweigh the supply, therefore some keen gamers will not think twice about queuing for hours in sometimes horrible weather conditions, all this just to get their hands-on the third installment of God of War.

Back in late 2009 I attended the Eurogamer EXPO 2009, God of War 3 was probably the most exciting game we got hands-on experience with at the event, I must say the gameplay, graphics and gruesomeness really stole the show, therefore I would predict some very impressive sales figures for this PS3 exclusive.

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  • chillibeef137

    Well I dont need to vote. We in India got God of War 3 a week ago (13 March was the release date).