Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – PC patch update releases today

By Alan Ng - Mar 16, 2010

We have some good news for PC owners of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 now, as EA DICE has confirmed that a patch update for the game will go live later on at somepoint today.

As reported from VG247, the patch will mainly address the numerous server and crashing problems that have spoilt the game, ever since it was released nearly two weeks ago.

We told you about the main one here – the huge problem regarding PunkBuster, where players kept getting booted out of games with error messages.

Hopefully this latest patch will iron things out for you, and everything will go smoothly – just like the console versions which appear to be working fine now.

Let us know if you’re still having problems, on either platform.

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  • Dance

    Me too. Did update THEN 'black screen of death', kicks out to desktop during load cycle. Worked okay before. UGH! Hope someone has solution for this.

  • Andy S

    automatic update yesterday, now 'black screen of death', kicks out to desktop during load cycle. Was working ok before update……………….not impressed


  • Rick

    I just started playing a few days ago (I'm playing single player ATM) and it had never crashed.

    Now it crashes to desktop as soon as the load screen is done

  • wayhay

    start the game with bfbc2update.exe

  • .CypriotKiller

    FINALLY!!! 😀

  • The Roach

    My updater failed but I loged in anyway and was still able to play a match. On the up side I just played the longest match without being kicked yet…

  • Ian

    Well I updated on Steam, and now the game won't start.. it goes through the updater, and brings the screen up which would normally be the EA advert, and then CTD 🙁

  • Steve

    yeah er now mine didnt update or anything i cant manual update as it seems there is no manual update function, and now when i click to join a server it logs me out of my profile on the ea servers

    • Moxx

      Steve – The manual update is in the folder where you installed the game…something like BFBC2Updater.exe.