Apple iPhone 4G: 40% of BlackBerry users want it

By Alan Ng - Mar 16, 2010

A recent study has concluded that 40 percent of current BlackBerry owners would move over to Apple and their iPhone – presumably with Apple’s expected release of another iPhone upgrade in their minds.

As reported from BGR, the survey has been conducted by Crowd Science, who revealed that 2 out of 5 BlackBerry users were planning to make the switch to the iPhone, as soon as their current contract expires.

Another interesting statistic to come out of the survey, concluded that 77% of BlackBerry owners and 66% of iPhone owners, use their device for both business and personal purposes – highlighting RIMs strength in this department.

With so much talk about Apple and their 4G iPhone, we are not surprised with the amount of interest that has been generated. It happened last year, and it looks set to be a repeat this Summer too.

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  • nick

    i cannot wait to ditch my blackberry. It's the most horrible phone ive ever used.