Runaway Toyota Prius: Original story questioned after failed re-run

By Alan Ng - Mar 15, 2010

We have more on the ‘runaway’ Toyota Prius story now, as it has been reported that an official attempt at a re-run of the incident has failed, leading to questions surrounding the truth of the original story.

As reported from CNET, U.S. government agency and Toyota attempted to replicate the now infamous runaway Prius incident in San Diego, but failed to do so.

An official memo for the incident has now detailed that it is ‘not likely’ that the gas pedal would be stuck while hitting the brakes at the same time, contrary to reports from James Sikes, the Prius owner in question.

Officials are now saying the whole thing ‘does not add up’, which is now likely to lead to a further investigation until a conclusion can be met.

Full article through the link, let us know your thoughts on it.

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