PS3’s Gran Turismo 5: Release date and 3D support confirmed

By Alan Ng - Mar 15, 2010

We have some great news for PS3 owners looking to pick up Gran Turismo 5 at last, as one source has claimed that Sony will be releasing the game this October.

As reported from VG247, the news is according to, an Italian website which claims that a Sony rep revealed the news at GDC last week, whilst also confirming other juicy features.

This has yet to be officially confirmed, but the website also states that 3D support for the game is confirmed, and will come via the firmware v3.20 PS3 update on June 10th – according to latest speculation.

Since we knew that the game was coming out this fall anyway, hopefully their claims are true. I expect that word from Sony themselves will be coming this week. Watch this space.

Let us know your thoughts on this guys.

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  • Nixon45jm

    forza3 looks like a friggin bubble gum wrapper, and who puts rewind in a sim game and i personally think alot of these U.S gaming magazine companies are bias when it come to games like these especially if its an exclusive g4 gave it a 5 0f 5 i yeah right and i liked the first 2 i will judge GT5 when it comes out till then fan boys stop talkin about the consoles talk about the games on them.

  • LOL calm down! OkayForza's good, don't talk crap, but just because the game has not came out, you can buy an Xbox, they're not bad I have both consoles. But if you can't afford it, ask your mommy, if you're an adult, get a JOB. Both consoles are good, both have pros and cons. Most of you PS3 lover haven't even been on a 360 or Forza. So that makes you a person that speaks out of jealousy.

  • Neal

    Just release the game already! While we’re enjoying the game they can work on downloadable upgrades. I have to play GT4 to get my fix because I’m not going to pay for a glorified demo. I’m ready to buy a POS 360 and pick up Forza…

    • Stevles

      Sick of fan boys like you bagging other consoles purely because of its brand name.
      Sick of that idiot running the development team for Digital Polyphony continuously delaying what isn't going to be that great of a simulation anyway.
      Sick of games like Forza 3 not being released on the PC.

      That is all.

  • JayTor2112

    Fanboy fight!! Fanboy fight!!

  • Josh

    A work of art takes time… i agree with mark, you xbox fanboys have my pity. have fun with your rushed, incomplete, buggy games until then. gt5 WILL come out, and when it does, microsoft will have nothing to compare it to… FORZA??? PUH-LEEZ!

    My advice to you Xbox fanboys – trade in your 360 for the $20 that its worth (while its still worth at least that much), and put that $ towards a ps3 and this game. its worth holding out for.

    • Negative

      a work of art takes time…and it becomes famous after the death of its creator?! wtf are u talking about? u bought a ps3 like all of us did and u expect a game thats still in development. At least XBoX fanboys have something to play with. And apart from all that, why such hate towards them? keep your snaky tongue in your mouth boy, this aint football or something…jesus…

  • Mark

    @Sickofwaiting You realise of course, that GT4 on the PS2 arrived. 4 Years into the consoles life? Meaning GT5 is exactly the same..

    The only difference of course, is Microsoft are breeding a gaming generation of gamers that want stuff sooner and half finished or broken, rather than being patient and waiting for the finished game.

    • Chad Ro

      @mark you are a idiot incase your just super slow let me spell it out for you GT4 was the second release on the PS2 unless you want to start counting prologues then it was the 3rd release. So now here we are 4years in and still waiting for a super hyped but unrealized game. Which would be the first release on the PS3 again unless you want to continue counting prologues which is kinda stupid since they are supposed to be glorified demos of the actual game and before you start calling me a crap box fanboy understand I still own a PS1, PS2, and a inital release 60gb PS3 I also own all 4 Gran Turismo games and both prologues. So this game will never live up to the hype it has created for itself. It's impossibleit has been in developement for far to long. There are to many rumors and not enough facts. The sad realization should be that for once polyphony digital has screwed up royally and now the only way they can try and fix it is to keep delaying it which in turn continues to add to the problem.

  • Cpt.Albert Wesker

    Son dont worry about GT5 you should be awaiting Crysis 2
    Crysis 2 on PS3 looks just as amazing as PC it is gorgeous and crytek are using 110% of the PS3’s power,soon it shall be Uncharted who? among what? modern what? warfare who?
    Crysis is just OMG!!!!

    “CHRISSSS!!!!!!”-Albert Wesker

  • Sickofwaiting

    On PS1 they released 2 games. On PS2 they release 2 games. On PS3 which is almost 4 years old , has had 4 version of its console released and other game developers have produced follow ups to their original titles ,like Modern Warfare1 & 2 , Uncharted 1 & 2 and other awsome titles , what the f@#k are the clowns of team GT5 HOPING TO ACHIEVE BUY CONTINUALLY DELAYING ITS RELEASE!!! Love the series but this little nugget they think have is just going to be left behind or aint going to be that great with other developers hot on their heels . Xbox seems to get the job done with their popular titles. The one game that Playstation owners have been waiting for since the PS3 console was launched, to see that awsome transition to HD And still we wait ……what A holes

    • robot

      You try making it.