PS3’s God Of War III: Large ending chopped, may return as free DLC

By Alan Ng - Mar 15, 2010

Some pretty interesting news to bring to all of you looking to pick up God Of War III tomorrow, as Sony Santa Monica has revealed that a large chunk of the game was cut from the ending, but may make a return in the future.

As reported from Kotaku, Stig Asmussen, the games Director revealed the news in a recent interview with the website.

He explained about the cut ending from the game, but also stated that if the scene was to make it into the game as DLC, it would be free to download.

Here is a snippet of his interview: “The pieces are in place, the idea is written. If it’s something we put out there it would be something that would be free.”

Interestingly, he also states that he had ‘no regrets’ about chopping the scene from the final version, concluding he was happy with the ending that eventually made it into the game.

Let us know your thoughts on this. I guess its a change to the familiar ‘DLC is already on disc‘ reports we’ve been telling you about recently!

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  • David

    the snippet with be something that will lead to GOW 4