Palm Pre (Video): Overclocked to 800MHz, Much Faster Performance

By Jamie Pert - Mar 15, 2010

Have you ever been frustrated with the overall speed of your Palm Pre? If so, this post may may give you some hope as modders have recently hacked into the Pre and increased the processor’s clock speed.

As standard the Palm Pre’s 600MHz TI OMAP 3430 processor is underclocked to 500MHz, but hackers/modders have managed to overclock this chip to 800MHz, this has an instant impact on the handset’s performance.

If you check out the end of this post you can see the 800MHz Palm Pre in action, the video is just shy of 2 minutes long, however shows lots of applications launching extremely quickly.

Despite increased performance the mod is not said to have a severe impact on battery life, however I am sure there is a good reason as to why Palm chose to release the handset with a clock speed of 500MHz, if you check out PreCentral you can find out more detailed information.

Source: SlashGear

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