Modern Warfare 2 Map Pack DLC: Is it Too Expensive?

By Jamie Pert - Mar 15, 2010

If you are a fan of Modern Warfare 2 no doubt you will be interested in purchasing the ‘Stimulus Map Pack’ when it is launched, however a lot of our readers seem very unimpressed with the confirmed price.

When the DLC arrives on March 30th you will be able to buy the map pack for 1200 Microsoft Points at the Xbox Live Marketplace, this equates to $15 which is identical to the PC and PS3 pricing.

There were three map packs released for Call of Duty: World at War, map pack one costs $10 (800 Microsoft Points) and consisted of four new maps, three of which were multiplayer maps, another was a new Nazi Zombie map. The Other two map packs also cost the same amount, each featured 3 multiplayer maps and 1 new Zombie map.

As you have probably heard there will be five multiplayer maps in this pack, three of which are completely new maps, the other two are from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, for more details regarding this map pack check out our previous post.

I will buy the download content regardless of the price (within reason) as I play the game at least 2 hours a night, however I do feel that $10/800 Microsoft Points would have been a much fairer price, especially as two of the maps are ported from COD4 what do you think?

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  • ibuef

    fuck first person shooters dude, waste of time. Fps are like the justin bieber of video games. They're popular even though they completely suck

  • For some reason only another 50 percent of the post is being shown, is it my net browser or the internet site?

  • Halo Sucks

    you spelled superior wrong. Halo is garbage. Thats it. I bought it and threw it out the following day. I'm not being sarcastic either. The game was so bad I literally threw it away.

  • Macrus lehto

    Halo Reach is a far supior game to both bfbc and mw2 its in the beta and it has far supior graphics

  • chase

    i have to w8 till april 30th cause im PS3.15 dollars wont hurt but they should take som off cause of the COD4 maps.(i wish they included downpour)

  • Danny

    I do feel that the maps are overpriced, but $5 isn't going to kill you. If you can shell out $70 for the game then whats this extra $15 going to do? I gotta admit the update failed thing is kinda pathetic, since the games had problems from day one, but aslong as i get what i pay for i'm happy. Plus i loved crash from CoD4

  • alex

    all the hype about new maps!!! there robbing us 1200 points for 5 maps 2 of them we all already played thousands of times no map pack has ever been 1200 this is ridiculous i think this is all crap have fun wasting your money on maps u already played

  • i Curtis

    Cod 5 maps were $10 its only 5 bucks extra and there gunna be 5 maps not just 3

    i parker
    save your money and buy battlefirld 2 it much better

    why are you changin the subject and Cod 6 MW2 is way better than battlefield

  • ArmedMetalCORE

    its not over priced, they re-done the cod4 maps so its not really over priced… and im like rich lol so i dont care..

  • i parker

    save your money and buy battlefirld 2 it much better

  • foltz007

    something tells me if you can shell out 60 bucks to buy the game in the 1rst place an additional 5 bucks is not going to phase you. i feel you Vin, quit pissing and moaning the thing that upsets me is it sounds like i will have to wait 30 extra days to download it . sc**w u junk box!!!!!!!!!

  • Vin

    Why is everyone crying over $15? It's $15, don't go to lunch tomorrow. Don't buy that next case of beer.

    I wish it were free too, but it's not. If you're a mega fan, which you probably are, you're going to buy it anyway…despite all the pissing and moaning

    • Nathan

      i agree

    • dbr

      yeah im not going to bitch about the $15 bucks but when you look at it over all its kind of a rip off. You pay 60 bucks for an entire game including all the single player and the 10 or so maps online. Then your going to shell out 15 bucks, a quarter of the price of the original game, for 5 maps 2 which were already made.

      • ?????

        i like the new maps tho

  • 15 USD?

    I was hopping this map pack would be a rebirth of my experience with MW2, but with the game getting worse every day, I'll not buy this until servers and glitches are fixed and all cheaters are baned.

    Activision can go to hell for all I care.

  • jerry

    you literally did this within the last 7 minutes and i just confirmed to myself the date of release. I say if they're bringing back the old crash and overgrown or whatever… then it's worth 1200. You gotta pay to play.

    • well thats true in the end your getting what you pay for and your also getting really good maps so yeah your right