Google Nexus One: UK Release Date Delayed

By Jamie Pert - Mar 15, 2010

It is being reported that the UK release of the Google Nexus One has been pushed back until mid-April, prior to this we expected to see the Nexus One available from Vodafone UK as of March 23rd.

Details regarding the reason for the delay are currently unknown, however it will be frustrating for Google as competitive devices such as the HTC Legend and HTC Desire may well launch in the UK beforehand.

The Legend and Desire both run Google’s Android operating system, however they have the addition of the ever-popular HTC Sense user interface.

It has previously been reported that sales of the Nexus One have been pretty disappointing, therefore this news will be particularly unwelcome, as we hear details regarding a new UK release date we will keep you posted.

Source: Afterdawn

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  • steve

    The Desire is cut down in what way? in my household we have the nexus and desire and we find the desire to be the better experience in general

  • I've bough a Nexus One for the wife and its sooooo! cool.

    I want one, but after Tax's and the credit card exchange rate the flipping thing cost £450 and I can't afford to Buy another one for some time. So I'll get one on a 24 Month contract at £30 (its cheaper)

    All you wanna be One owners out there read the reviews between the Desire and the Nexus One … The Desire is cut down! …I'm waiting.

    …And in the meatime I'm pestering the Chaps at Vodaphone Swindon, but all they can say is 'Not Yet!..'

    I'm registered on line for updates … SIGH! …What else can one do!?

    VODAFONE? Please your driving me mad!…