Gears of War: Microsoft does not own us – Epic Games

By Alan Ng - Mar 15, 2010

Some interesting news to bring you involving the future of the Gears of War franchise now, as Epic’s Mark Rein has stated that they, not Microsoft, own the rights to the GoW IP – adding that they are free to ‘do what they want with it’.

Rein was speaking in an interview with VG247 at last week’s GDC event when he made his comments. While this is by no means a confirmation that the series could be heading to the Playstation 3 in the future – it is unlikely that this will happen.

What Rein was probably hinting at, is that they could choose other publishers if they wish to, such as one of their planned collaborations with EA on a unannounced shooter title.

He added: “We have a great relationship with Microsoft, and they helped turn the game into a huge success for us, and we are pretty happy with the way things are going”.

What are your thoughts on this guys? More over at VG247.

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  • ehsan


    The Real Owners are gamers!what did he wondered that he can do everything with this Fantastic Microsoft IP!!

    no one Can accept that!!

    Do they want to make an IP like Quantom Theory??