Final Fantasy XIII: PS3 beats Xbox 360 in first week sales

By Alan Ng - Mar 15, 2010

Well it will be a week exactly tomorrow, since Final Fantasy XIII was released in the US and Europe, so what better way to start the week with some official sales figures for both platforms of the game.

As VG247 reports, it is good news for Sony, as they have managed to outsell the Xbox 360 version – managing 54 percent of sales, compared to the 360’s 46 percent.

As a combined effort, the game has gone straight to the top of the UK All-format charts, knocking EA’s Battlefield: Bad Company 2 into second place.

What are your thoughts on Sony’s victory? Considering that the PS3 ‘appears’ to be the better version out of the two – this is hardly a surprise.

Are you currently progressing through the game? Let us know how you’re getting on!

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  • SomebodysHere

    Umm… whoreallycares?, your comment on max resolution on both consoles are wrong. I know for a fact that both consoles (XBOX 360 and Playstation 3) have a max resolution of a tleast 1080p. The XBOX 360 console that I have (Falcon motherboard, the newest is the Jasper motherboard) have a max resolution of 1080p.

    One reason that FFXIII's sales is higher in ps3 than xbox360 is that you cannot pirate games on the ps3 (at least not at the time when I am writing this), but it is possible with xbox 360 because someone hacked it years ago.

  • whoreallycares?

    you guys need to get your heads on right, the ps3 only outsold the xbox by 8% that is hardly raping anything. (if anything i would expect a 25% margin from sony) and to the people saying there playing it on there ps3 in glorious 1080p your wrong because it's 720p, look it up. yes i know the xbox is only 570p or something? but i still play CS on my comp at 640×480 and graphics never bother me as long as game play is there. and yes everyone knows blu-ray is better than dvd, but people still arn't going in droves to pick up blu-ray players. a lot of people are fine with DVD's still!

    in the end it is sales that count over everything and the wii is whooping ass and taking names almost outselling both consoles combined.

  • Stfu

    You're an idiot snow, everyone knows the PS3 IS better than the Xbox, I own both only because my poor friends, like you, could only afford the 360.

    Blu-ray > Dvd

    End game

  • SnowzSan

    I'm not trying to be a fanboy here, but it's going to come out that way.

    Sony kicking Microsoft in the face over and over? Lmfao, considering Microsoft rapes Sony on nearly every aspect and when it ALL comes down to it, it's who sold more units and I'm pretty sure the only one hurting there is Sony. But wait, what about the slim? They were supposed to sell like wildfire! Nope, Xbox still rapes that, too.

    See, Sony fanboys are like Sega fanboys. Sega promises all this crap, and adds some garbage equipment that is supposed to make it better and they spice it up by giving it a techy name like "Cell". Hey, didn't Sega do the same thing with the "Blast Processing"? As for this "10 year shelf life" crap, Sony said the same thing about the PS2 and it still is a piece of shit. It's funny how Xbox came in completely unknown, make a simple shooter and topped charts more than Sony has broken promises.

    Keep crying fanboys, maybe MS will buy out the rights to the PS3 and show you what a piece of shit you own. Here's to the worst 300-600 you ever spent!

  • jd

    nada says:
    March 15, 2010 at 3:02 pm

    I love it when know one comments on these shit posts with the moronic little questions at the end. So I will help you out by commenting that this post is not news. It is lazy, plagiarist shit

    what a dick

  • Ani

    “I have the game, PS3 (my 360 is just collecting dust tell the next Fable game) Game looks good. damn good! I love almost every character, all but the lame kid. I enjoy the Great story and that is where it ends. For me the music is soso. the Jazz in the robotic Scrap heard area drove me nuts. The game play dose not fit a FF game, and I’m sad this was not true RPG. Tap X and repeat/ very boring and the lack of exploration is brutal. I will finish the game for the awesome Visuals and Story but for me this game is a major let down. First in the series I have been able to put down to play other games (just got Dragon Age: Awaking 🙂

    in the end at this point (17hours in) would give the game a 5/10. That could change as I play the game more, but I’m almost off work and going to go play some MW2 (PS3) yea yea, I like it on the ps3 just fine X-box lovers.

  • whatever

    i belive he meant to say beats in sales. but you obviously are a butthurt Crapbox owner. good for you i dont care much about which is best or worse. only reason i stayed with sony is because i bought ps1 as a teen and i loved it. now as for FFXIII kicking MS in the face over and over… i am very happy to hear it. stupid MS actually went out and told everyone Xbox will outsell the PS3.. on one of the games that was made for ps3 has been a ps game for 2decades almost. so yeah PS3 raped Xbox in this subject. now cry me a river cus i'm never going to come here and read this again.


    Its not a victory for anybody except square enix and FF fans. FOR ALL WANNA-BE WRITERS:Title likes "PS3 beats Xbox", or "Xbox beats PS3" are troll bait and the worst kind. The writer needs to learn Its not a competition. Its the same freakin' game! Its not as though were talking console sales figures. Give it a rest already with that fanboy dribble.

  • allen jackson

    whats with that nada guy, jeez guy you need a little extra dose of sunshine in your day.

    yea im playing threw it, and so far its amaizing. i got it on ps3 and the games graphics are so crisp, it runs in full 1080p. The gameplay is some of the best in the series. its great definetly a must buy.

  • nada

    I love it when know one comments on these shit posts with the moronic little questions at the end. So I will help you out by commenting that this post is not news. It is lazy, plagiarist shit