Battlefield: BC 2 Vs Modern Warfare 2: Which DLC will you buy?

By Alan Ng - Mar 15, 2010

This may seem like a no brainer to most of you – we’ll explain why later, but we thought the question needed to be addressed to you guys, considering both sets of DLC will be released on the same day. Which will you be buying?

We just informed you that the Stimulus Pack for Modern Warfare 2 will be priced at 1200 MS points, and will consist of 5 maps – two of which are COD4 classics in Crash and Overgrown.

However, the first DLC for Bad Company 2 will be free to VIP owners and will consist of two maps – Arica Harbor and Laguna Presa, playable in the Rush and Conquest modes.

Both packs for BC2 and MW2 will go live on March 30th. On PS3 and 360 for Bad Company 2, and just Xbox 360 for Modern Warfare 2, since its a timed exclusive.

We have a feeling that most of you will be unhappy over the price for the MW2 map pack, so will you still be buying it or not?

Both games obviously have their legion of hardcore fans, so it will be interesting to see your choices on this one. Vote in our poll below and give us your feedback on it.

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  • |7thb|Prutser?

    MW2 just really sucks when u played BC2!! BC2 is much more realistic and u can hide in bushes and the enemy just stands next to you, and u really need skill to kill someone it takes more shots to kill and the maps are way better. but dice and ea can putt some more weapons in the game i miss some awsome guns in bc2 but maybe thats a point in the future? keep up the good work EA and DICE so we can buy bf3 and vietnam 😉 see ya guys on the battlefield…. check out oure SQDM Server named ; 7th brotherhood amsterdam..

  • jake

    bc2 better than mw 2 its so good time to be squad and battle in team yeah its much more better than mw2 can suck my ****!

  • james

    how much are they 4 ps3 the maps 4 mw2
    plz tell me my id is SniperLad1221 in the ps3

  • dsf

    trading MW2 crap in tomorrow for BC2, for all the BS reason Dave just stated. MW2 is just annoying.

  • Cameron

    been playing bc2 with my mates past couple of days and it is so much more fun to play than mw2 without the noobs. Got bc2 maps free with a code but i don't know about the map pack for mw2 at that price, might just stick with bc2 for a while

  • Ali

    I agree with you , davo058

    I am 1 prestiage away from 10th prestiage,but since BF2 came out,I have not worried about MW2,cause of all the nuke boosters,nearly every game.Have not stopped playing BF2 since day one.DEFINATELY WILL NOT BE BUYING THE MAPS for MW2,But saving it for BF2.

  • davo058

    Yeah i’ve been playing BFBC2 now for like a week, and in that time i’ve had so much fun working as a team with squads, setting up assaults on buildings, demolishing buildings, not getting sniper by people living on cranes, not getting grenade spammed not getting noob tubed not getting speed knifed not getting molested by air support that teammates refuse to take out since it doesn’t count as a kill, not getting yelled at by children and teenagers not getting shafted with maps that allow for pure sniping matches when the aim of the game is to not camp yet everyone does. I’ve also enjoyed the fact that weapons can be altered but not to the extent that a sniper can run and gun with heartbeat sensors and silencers and be able to get 30 kills, wide open maps of BFBC2 that create different plans of attack/defense depending on the classes you choose and the weapons you take along. I’ve enjoyed the free content that EA have given despite the strangely common idea that they are an evil corporation.

    Yes i have more to say XD, i’ve enjoyed the GENUINELY good graphics, i’ve enjoyed the destructible environments, shooting a tree down near a sniper that reveals him and then everyone shoots him down/ I’ve enjoyed that weapon balance mid fight which results in the “oh crap i wasn’t good/fast enough” instead of living on the “killcam” for the explanation as to why the hell your grenade didn’t kill him and his pistol did despite the fact he wasn’t actually facing you and that grenade went off right under hist feat. Most of all, i’ve enjoyed the interest that DICE/EA have in their audience and when servers crash, they do their upmost to repair it quickly, so your battlefield experience isn’t hampered, and not being subject to IW and their slow, weak attempts at maybe fixing that glitch that is really really annoying. IW = Fail EA/Dice = Genuinely entertaining shooter that isn’t simply based on the age old method of kill or be killed, but working as a team, solving problems, and planning ahead to outwit your enemy with your brain and a bit of demolition.

    if i spelt anything wrong then its IW’s fault, maybe they’ll fix it one day………………………….nah

    • nobody

      you dont even what u talk about only because you are shit at mw2. i think modern warfare 2 is better

      • nickyg

        totally and completely agree

  • mw2sucks

    modern borefare can f*** off….