PS3: Battlefield Bad Company 2 Crashing and Freezing Still

By Alan Ng - Mar 14, 2010

Despite being released almost two weeks ago, it seems pretty obvious that there are still some server related problems that are continuing to effect Battlefield: Bad Company 2 owners.

We have been hearing numerous reports that game crashes and freezes are affecting the PS3 version of the game specifically. I can personally put truth to these claims as our PS3 test unit crashed in-game this morning on both our console, AND on our squad member’s PS3 at the same time.

EA has been shutting the servers down constantly, to improve their hardware via maintenance updates, but I wonder if they actually know how widespread the in-game crashing problem is.

Has this happened to you? Its pretty bad when it does crash, as it requires a hard restart of the PS3, either by holding the power button down, or pulling the switch on the back – not good.

Give us some feedback on this one guys, we’ll contact EA on this matter.

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  • I just got an i7 with win 7-64 bit, tons or ram, 9800GTX video card,  and I get kicked to a blue screen after about 1 minute.   I can play COD all day long. This is totally frustrating as I want to play BF badcompany Vietnam. 

    I did download the R 10 patch… is there another patch to make the crahing stop?? I feel I was cheated out of my money!

  • This is still a huge problem I don’t know why they haven’t fixed it yet. I keep getting stuck on the loading screen. I mean, I know EA knows about this problem,come on people!?!

  • Anonymous

    I have the exact same problem, hope you have found a way to make it work, because i can hardly live without it :-/ I have tried deleting, reinstalling, and updated, loaded gamedata again, and still the sound cuts out after 4-5 mins if i am lucky to join my freinds games at all. It either frezzes in thefirst round, and can only turn it off via I/O button. Beep bep beep…. If not, then as the next round is loading, and loading and loading until i force myself to quit game and hear my ps3 reseting with three beeps 🙁
    Please help if you have found a way to fix it 🙂

  • Unhappy ps3 player

    This happens to me too, except i can't even get into a game. It says "joining game" but then i get stuck on the black loading screen

  • KajeV13

    i got freezing problems too! yesterday while i was playing online i got disconnected due to a server time out. Then it froze when i played again and when i joined another game it lost its sound!. Today it froze after playing 4 hours straight. My ps3 didn't overheat since an electric fan is facing it and my system has a thermostat-activated fan attached at the back. Guess this is a server issue, or bad patch or crappy updates..

    • Kaje

      I have fixed it! I deleted the game, reinstalled and reupdated.

  • vatt

    just crashed me again as well. is it still happening to others?

  • steve fuller

    why do my weapons mods keep disappearing and re-appearing 3-4 games later ,most frustrating anyone any ideas???

  • pissy

    EA sucks. FUCK YOU EA. How about i sell you bodyguard protection and happen to blow your head off by mistake, would you want a refund?

    • Raped-By-EA&DICE

      PS3 owner, its the 28th of december 2010, and battlefield still crashes, either a complete sysem lock up, when i have to force reset or just throws me back to the menu like a little hoe. maybe they are going to fix it in march for the one year anniversary of the game.

  • Tony3427

    Bad company 2 freezes at least once a day while i'm playing and i have to hard reset my ps3… it's SOOOOOO ANNOYING!

  • Jack

    @Jeremy Fletcher
    hi the problem is still there. i played some bad company 2 yesterday october 17 2010. and it crashed on me several times, alot of the times in when iam playing port valdez, but i also experianced crashing in other stages, like arica harbor. EA and DICE take care about the community. this problem has been there since the demo. its a real shame bad company 2 is such a great game, but all the glitches really ruin it. i compiled a list of bugs.

    1) the servers are very laggy.
    2) random crashes on PS3 and Xbox360. either system completly crashes, or kicked back to the main menu.
    3) C4 sometimes doesnt work.
    4) When being revived by a medic sometimes, the weapon menu appears and cannot move.
    5) last but not least the Knife is extremly glitchy. i dont remember it being that bad in the demo, or else i would have never bought the game.

    Everyone has to email EA or DICE about these issues, prasing the game will only delay these fixes. its time everyone Emails DICE AND EA. ! ! ! ! !

  • Jeremy Fletcher

    Been a while since someone posted. Has there been any solutions to this problem? I have been playing over 30 hrs of battlefield online with no problems at all. After the most recent game patch however, I am kicked back to the menu after about two minutes. This happens EVERY time. I can play any other game no problem. Anyone with some answers please help!!


  • Starrbucks

    It crashed Bad Company 3 times tonight ended up switching to Call of Duty. How long will it take EA to fix this problem?

  • PS3 Owner

    OMG Dice needs to fix this…i'm reading this cause my ps3 is restarting cause of the crash (there goes all my points) ):

  • Gary

    Interesting note. This has been happening to us. Last night when it happened the wife was on the Skype phone. She got a "static storm" over the phone when the game locked. It only lasted for a second, but it was noticeable. With a 12Mb connection and only the PS3 running and the phone, I believe the network issue is still likely on the EA side of the house.

  • Jack

    i Got a 60gb PS3, and a Slim, and i also experience crashing and freezing. since i purchased the game in March. and yesterday it happened 3 times within an hour, that was August 8th 2010. Whats going on DICE and EA, nobody gives a S#### about SpecACt or the same map used in differant modes, trying to pose em as MAP PACKs. fix the dam lagy servers already and fix that crashing,

  • Unknown

    This often happens to me and my brother and I really go crazy EA better fix this problem because I bet I not the only one piss off at this problem.

  • cris

    Mine crashes often and my audio cuts out and then comes back, or it cuts out and it docent come back. It sucks.

  • Klas

    Yeah happens to me to after latest update 🙁 sometimes only audio dissapears but mostly full freeze requiering reset…

  • Jonathan

    Mine just crashed and I have had it for three months and stopped playing to see if they fixed this issue but to day it crashed and restarted the hard disk and deleted every thing it sux!!!

  • frederic

    bad company 2 crashes often on my ps3.

  • On SP… the level where you on the back of the truck being chased by 4 wheelers I lose sound right away and then when I shoot down the helicopter the screen turns black and stays that way…..what the hell is going on with this game?…and its not my ps3…this only happends with this game.

  • SoAnnoyed

    I've crashed every time I try to start a match tonight, four time in a row now, first trying to get into rush on Port Valdez, then trying to get into any rush to see if there was a difference. It's never been this bad.

  • Avatar

    Mine has crashed about 4 times in the last couple of hours, very frustrating. It's nearly always as a new game is loading.

  • technohermit

    still freezing. wtf.

  • Eric

    I fixed my issue by going into game utilty and deleting install file then power off ps3 wait a few secs then hold power button until you hear beeps then it will power off .Hold power button again the you should hear 1 beep then 2 and it will power off ,wait a few secs then power on reinstall game and walla 🙂

  • teeaygcee

    Yep this is B.S my console never freezes playing other games but in an evening of playing bc2 it will freeze at least 2-3 times. Not Cool!!!!!!!! VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!! Wouldt be so upset if I didnt pay this much for this game

  • Rokoshu

    Same here first 3 hours in the game, Fat 80 gig reverse compat. ps3, and the whole thing froze in the middle of multiplayer, blehhhhhhhh 🙁

  • Martin

    I had the exact same problem with my ps3 crashed whilst playing BBC2 and it completely destroyed my 40 gb "fat" 2 yr old playstation3. I phoned up the support and they claimed that this is an unusual thing but this obviously not the case. I tried to restore my system and deleted everything but now my ps3 won't read disks at all. My hard drive is screwed. However, since i only have sony console including the orginial playstation since 1997 and will not convert to 360 (nothing against it but i just don't want to), i brought myself a 250gb playstation3 and so far have not played bbc2 but it's such a good game but do i risk it???

  • Guest

    Yeah I've had my game crash on me about 4 times now in the 30 hrs I've played online.. and it's only online for me, tho that's all I play now. I have an 80 gb "fat" ps3 on an excellent internet connection.

  • William

    Yes, it freezes your Battlefield Bad Co 2 after it had been working without a single problem for a month. The game played perfect until that download. I even did a "Restore Default Settings", did a new 3.30 update, and it is even worse. Locks up sooner. Now I have to go buy a new PS3 and hope that I don't have the same issue??? I even tried two diff. BBC2 discs after the DL with no positive affect at all. I hate the controllers for xbox but I guess thats where Im headed. How does the game work fine and then after the new DL Im screwed!???!

  • J Grävare

    please don't post previous from Jonathan on this site. Or post it with out email and my real name. 🙂


  • Jonathan Grävare

    Happends to me severel times each week.
    First I thought it was something to do with my ps3, but now Im sure, since its not happens when playing other games, that its related to Bad Company 2.

    I would be pleased to see a fix of this in the near future.

  • yep, this has happened to me 5 times so far and i only bought it 1 week ago, i had to hold down the power button on the ps3, because i got no responce from pressing the PS button

  • john

    BAD COMPANY 2, constantly crashes when iam playing, especially port valdez when i am driving a tank. todaty is the 18th of April. and it crashed three times

  • tony

    hey this is the first time i leave a cooment all i wanted 2 say was that right next 2 my name while playin online i have a g which probaly stand 4 glitch hope not but before i never had it wonder why all of a sudden i have that. also how could i make it stop plz respond asap thanx 😉

  • tony

    hey this is the first time i leave a cooment all i wanted 2 say was that right next 2 my name while playin online i have a g which probaly stand 4 glitch hope not but before i never had it wonder why all of a sudden i have that. also how could i make it stop plz respond asap thanx 😉

  • ABinUK

    Frequent crashes / loss of EA server and hence loss of play scores on the PS3 which is really annoying.
    Location – Nottingham, UK.

  • Garnog

    I had to exchange this for another game because although it initially installed and played (after some difficulty) it eventually quit working altogether, despite trying 2 different discs. I will also point out ALL my other games work fine, so don't blame the hardware. This game is broken.

  • CDOG


  • April 5, and the problem still there, it will be nice if EA, address this issue.

  • Miguel

    I just got this game 3 days ago. It crashes every day. Pretty much every time I play. I even took my xbox apart and "fix it" like some of the web sites tell you to do it and it's still crashing. Please some one come with an answer for this!!

  • Richard

    my game crashed on ps3 it booted me out of my game, then connection to ea was lost after i finally got into a game all my ranking, weapons and stats had disappeared. i restarted my console everything was alright till i got into a game and noticed my weapons show no stars at all not even blank stars. Yet when i go to the stats menu at the main menu it's all there.
    The only way i can think of rectifying this is by using another psn gamer tag.
    Really pissed off! think the gameplay is way better than mw2 and i THOUGHT the connection was as well lol

  • kman

    Thought they would of fixed this problem by now. Is becoming a joke EA. Now taking back for re-fund!

  • dag

    Since yesterday I have a big problem about my PS3 version. Crashed about 6 times per hour…

  • SeRoHjyena

    I got ps3 fat 40gt and I just experienced this problem
    I hope they fix it Asap I hate losing all my hard work (exp)
    and seeing my ps3 freeze at the same time

  • Oliver

    Have the game for xbox. worked fine for a couple hours then began crashing my xbox ever time i load into a online game.

    i cleared the cache, deleted associated files. eventually (at the urging of xbox support) wiped my hard drive. which did not resolve the problem. all other games work fine online. and the games disk plays online on other people xbox's.

    im convinced its a server issue at EA. but their support just tells me the disk or my xbox is broke. which clearly is not the problem. actually getting pretty pissed about it.

  • ADAM_666

    Just ran into the freezing problem the last two days. Being March 27, its crashed today 4 times. Really badass game, but crashing this much? The Ford Pinto had less of a chance of blowing up in a field of speed bumps. I haven't been booted to the start screen, it just freezes and I literally have to shut down the system and start over. At least my progress saves. I agree with some of the above posts, this is definitely a kick in the crotch to the playability of this game. COD does suck balls, and I think the single player said it best with the crack about heartbeat sensors (what kinda junk is that, might as well have a PC clip wall cheat on). Just like any PC, maunally shutting down and booting up isn't that great for any system. So thanks EA for putting our hardware through a couple minor strokes. We keeping packing you the cash, please fix the problem if you expect a loyal following and cash flow.

  • Name

    Well look at it this way.

    It's not nearly as bad as Confrontation.

  • Franko

    I've Been kicked to the 360 dashboard and I couldnt find games. But the last week it has been fine. I watched my some play the campaign and the only person visible in the cutscene was marlowe, the character you play. You can hear Sarge and Taggard but you couldnt see them.

  • Peeewip

    Same thing happens to Army of Two 40th day! Damn EA and their crappy programming but awsome game ideas! >:| MEH!

  • vee

    yeah I bought this game two days ago…i'll play for about a few hours and then the game just crashes/freezes. it's pretty messed up and definitely bad for business. why buy a ps3 or their games if you cannot enjoy them. reminds me of the old ninetendo days…you know…blowing into the console and game cartigedes…trying to get the games to work. crappy technology…

  • DaveRob

    I have had this game day 1 (so 2 weeks?) and I love it, great game! I have played for 6-8 hrs straight with no problems….Until today!

    I played before even when they said it was going to be down and was never effected.

    Today I can not play in a multiplayer game for more than 2 mins before it freezes and just takes me to the start screen! This is such crap….I do feel for everybody that has had these issues with this game, it is such a pain…..I have heard grumblings and I thought it must have been your network dropping you until I have to deal with this!

    Fix it or I will take this back EA!

    • 50+dollars a game and this is what I get? Come on man I work hard for that money. I love the bad company series but I can't stand playing for 3min. and the screen freezing up. I might just go back and play the older version untill they fix it. Oh and by the way, I own 360 version. Come on EA "Get er done".

  • Bri

    It's not just the ps3 version. Myself and my friends keep crashing out of game back to the main menu and sometimes completely back to the xbox 360 dashboard. sucks much….

  • keith wright

    Same here, crashed about 5 times yesterday and 4 times in the last hour today. Extremely frustrating!!

  • James

    Happens constantly on 360 too, and the game kicks me to dashboard and kills the sound

  • jim smith

    yeah i can’t even connect, it crashes/freezes all the time.

    Defining online warfare my ass.

  • Toxic

    X LOST CONNECTION TO SERVER X Arrrggghhhhhh its driving me insane. And everyone else that i play with online. the so called updates have made no difference what so ever. then you cant get back into the game with your friends and it wont let them join you either. i seem to spend more time trying to set up and get into games with friends than playing. its such a shame as i really like this game but if its not sorted soon im going to trade it in and go back to MAG. it manages over 200 people in one game with no lag or game dropping issues. come on EA get it sorted PLEASE…….. p.s i dont think it matters which ps3 model you have as its a server issue. i have a slim but this is the only game i have ever had problems with.

  • Yep I have this prob 😛 Please contact them! I run a 60gb launch Ps3. I have just tried delteing the game data then reinstalling, I think that may have fixed it! 🙂

    • Klas

      I did the same m8… worked an hour then back to freezes again 🙁

  • joe g

    Defenitely experiencing in game crashing of Battlefield Bad Company 2 playing multiplayer on my PS3 console here, at least once every 6 hours of game play. Yes I have to hold down my PS3's power button to restart. WTF EA ! Fix your god damn shit! This is March 16th already and already loaded your stupid update a couple days ago. All I wanna do is own noobs!

    • Chilipaukku

      Just out of curiosity…do you have the older PS3 or Slim? I have the 120gb Slim version and haven't had any game crashes in MP. Only the server connection losses. It's a fu***ng shame for SONY, if theres hardware issues aswell :((

    • Tamikaze

      For some reason, i keep thinking you've watched that video on Youtube about that Fat Guy ranting about Sony wanting to get rid of Fat things and how useless they are due to we were able to log into PSN on tha 1st of March,

  • Scan

    We have a PC based clan and many of our members experience freezes, although all have superior hardware. The comps come to a freeze by having a still image of the gameplay on the screen. Ridiculous.

  • mawa

    This i getting pathetic. After the "server fixes" my VIP code doesn't work so I get bumped when my squad goes into one of the extra maps, and no response to my EA support incident. Tonight I can't even get into a game as it crashes my PS3 7 times in a row. I'm taking it back for a refund tomorrow. What a shame!

  • Bullet

    My experience with the PS3 BBC2…I actually loose sound in campaign mode and it clocks at the start of a match, just hangs on loading for minutes and doesnt do anything, so I have to constantly reset the ps3 and restart to be able to play online.

  • Mark

    crashing in the multiplayer loading screen.

    bout to put my controller thru the screen

  • Hidden1

    I have had it happen to my 360 in both multiplayer and single player. Half the time it just freezes the other half it boots me out to the main 360 start-up page

  • scorpio1

    still crashing ,every 2nd game put on better servers.just spoiling the game never mind the store, get the game running ,great game being spoiled go for the £10 ,insted of the 50p ones lol

  • Chilipaukku

    I just finished playing, after the connection to ea server was lost. This has happened few times today, and theres more. I've noticed some graphic glitches when playing multiplayer. Sometimes some objects (houses, etc) disappear when playing and theres some spots in some levels where you can get stuck….not 1 or 2….just too much 😀 I haven't had any crashes/freezes so far luckily 🙂 but overall this game is so good comparing to MW2 that im thinking throwing that MW2 blu-ray disc up to my neighbors ugly ass…and maybe live to tell about it 😀

    • Chilipaukku

      I forgot to mention that my platform is PS3 Slim. Is there any news about the in-game store? When should it be working?

      • My thoughts exactly.. will let you know about the PS3 in-game store. Its a mystery at the moment! :S

  • xXTeRRaRXx

    has not happend to me once

  • I have been playing BFBC 2 on the 360 since day of and everyday there is a problem – there so called shutdown never stopped me from playing during there down times but during the times they listed that they would shut the servers down I had no problem playing.

  • linus

    my 360 ALWAYS crash on first two minut of multiplayer :((((((((((

  • roger

    ive had it happen a few times on 360, kind of frustating but its nothing i cant live with. id rather restart my console once in a while with BC2 than have multiple issues with finding and being able to stay in a decent room of Modern warfare 2, which everyone knows is a joke anymore.

    • bill

      yeah same thing happened to me

  • Chuck

    360 it is…no problems online at all today. This game rocks the house! Goodbye COD glitchers.

  • Jamie

    Worked good for a couple games online then lost sound. Freezes more for me in single player. Froze two different times randomly in single player, now freezes every two minutes in single player when I am supposed to save the pilot. Makes this game 100% unplayable. Sometimes instead of freezing it will just lose sound, which will actually let me play then but I can’t hear objectives or ai talking. Completely lock up ps3 and have to hard reset literally every two minutes if not sooner.

  • Lia

    Happenes over and over again!! So annoying… It crashed 3 times in about hours… NOT good for ps3!!

  • rikard0

    infinity time in rush mode to the attackers

  • atze

    the same happens to me…
    this is caused many times when i drive with my tank through trees on port valdez

  • Chuck

    I bought this game yesterday and I could never get in a full game online. I'd play for about 5 min. and then it just cut to the main menu – this happened over and over again. I'm going to trade it in for a 360 copy. Later PS3…

    • Chuck

      360 it is…no problems at all today. This game rocks the house!! I don’t miss you COD glitchers.

    • Guest

      it'll happen on 360 too i tried it on both it'll freeze no matter what