New Apple iPhone 4G: No Flash, No Multitasking, Would You Buy it?

By Jamie Pert - Mar 14, 2010

If you look at our posts regarding the Apple iPad you will see a few consistent criticisms from our readers, one of which is the lack of multitasking, the other is the lack of Adobe Flash support.

When Apple launch their rumored iPhone 4G (4th generation) smartphone there is no doubt the handset’s features and functionality will be critiqued more than any previous iPhone version, this is mainly due to the fact that competitive smartphones are becoming increasingly impressive.

Over the next few months more and more impressive handsets will be released, and with the ever developing Android platform and the upcoming Windows Phone 7 OS release Apple must be feeling the pressure to keep their strong market share.

By shunning Adobe Flash in favor of HTML 5 along with not offering multitasking will the new iPhone be as desirable this time around? Perhaps Apple will see sense and offer this functionality.

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  • Tommo

    it does have maltitasking mongo and the beter giga bite you buy you get beter graphics. point proven by me.

  • Gazman

    congrats to all the ones limited to a single button operation, tells alot about your intellectual capacities, and boy you will not be lonely!

  • JAP

    It's a nice phone, but not so smart anymore…

  • They main reason for buying an iPhone as a smartphone device is not for multitasking or flash support, it is because of the well developed and integrated apps store. I know that the killer app on my friends iPhone will work my iPhone.

    Every other platform is a crap shoot when it comes to application compatibility. And the average teenybopper, buys-every-new-iPhone, texts-in-their-sleep customer will continue to buy iPhones and not take the chance they can't get the latest kick-ass-everyone-has-to-have-this-or-be-a-loser application.

  • Kalif

    HTML-5 has similar functionality to Flash. Except HTML-5 is developed by the World Wide Web standards body (W3C), whereas Flash is proprietary software owned by one company (Adobe). It's better to support HTML-5 which is free for everyone to use, rather than proprietary software like Flash.

    Regarding multi-tasking. The iPhone and iPad are 2 of the best multi-tasking devices out there, because they have BSD UNIX at their core. Both these devices can juggle multiple functions at once. What people are getting confused about is that Apple current does not allow 3rd party apps to run simultaneously. This is to make the user interface easier, and to reduce battery usage. Apple will probably switch on this ability in the years to come, when batteries have more power than they do today.

  • iphoneguy

    Apple must realize that they made a good product initially but have to step it up to keep up with the other smart phones…if no multitasking is available…and it's just a minor stepup from the current 3GS, I'm switching over to the HTC HD2 with T-mobile.