Apple iPad: How it Can Become a Business Tablet

By Jamie Pert - Mar 14, 2010

If you look at the features and functionality offered by the Apple iPad I think you will agree that it seems generally aimed towards the home user, however spending $499 – $829 on something which could be classed as a glorified portable media player with eReader and web browsing functionality does seem pretty steep.

Currently on Apple’s website there is a long list of functionality and features which the iPad will offer, these include things like it’s Safari web browser, email functionality, video playback, iTunes, photo viewing capabilities and much more, however there is literally nothing there which you could class as ‘business functionality’.

Luckily enough Apple’s iPad will have access to the App Store, here intuitive apps can be offered which can transform the iPad from a ‘glorified iPhone’ into a productive business tool.

With apps such as Salesforce Mobile, FedEx Mobile Web App, Meebo and Freshbooks, business users could get more out of their iPad, and as the iPad becomes more widely used I am sure developers will create more and more useful applications in the future, perhaps this will eventually see more businesses adopt the Apple iPad as a ‘must have’ device.

For further details as to how the iPad could perhaps adapt into a business tablet check out PCWorld.

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  • Just preordered my apple ipad today. Can’t wait for it to get here!

  • Patrick B.

    My order was placed at 5:31 AM PST on the 12th, as an IT Manager I Use winadmin & Logmein Ignition on My iPhone to remotely access all our companys workstation & servers across several states.. the 9.7″ screen will be a Blessing to these OLD eyes..

  • MichaelC

    "there is literally nothing there which you could class as ‘business functionality"–um, if you scroll down the page just a little, little bit, you see contacts, calendars, notes, and, oh, yes, iWork, which includes a word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation app.

    • Jamie Pert

      I agree these applications can be used for business use, however they are not going to significantly improve the iPad’s business functionality especially when compared to competitive devices, lets face it a Windows 95-based system was capable of word processing, email, address book and powerpoint functionality.

  • Microsoft needs to make the Courier concept OS an application for the iPad. MS Office for Clouds 2011 would also allow them to profit from Apple's possible success