Apple iPad: Apple’s Battery Replacement Service

By Jamie Pert - Mar 14, 2010

One slight criticism towards the Apple iPhone is that the battery is not easily replaceable, therefore when consumers heard that the Apple iPad’s battery wouldn’t be removable some people were put off.

Apple have recently addressed this issue with their ‘iPad Battery Replacement Service’, however according to an article posted on Afterdawn this will not involve just replacing the battery, infact Apple will replace the whole iPad.

From a business point of view this sounds extremely backwards, however I guess Apple have their reasons for this. The replacement service will cost you $99 plus $7 shipping, the turnaround time will be around one week, however data will be lost unless you back up/synchronize data before hand.

To be honest I am not too sure what to make of this news as it has both good and bad points, it is very dependent on reliable synchronization software, that is if you have a PC/Mac to synchronize it to. On the other hand you will be able to trade-in your battered iPad for a nice new shiny one.

Do you like the sound of Apple’s iPad Battery Replacement Service?

Source: Afterdawn

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  • Apple should have thought of this inconvenience before they marketed it. People are put out by matters of inconvenience. It has always been and it will continue. To put a product on the market and immediately inconvenience people is "stupid".
    This product will lose would-be customers because of it. Myopic marketing gives the would-be customer over to the competitor. I would not purchase this new technology device just because Apple inconvenienced me before I bought it.

  • I found this blog while searching google. Quite surprising too, since google tends to display relatively old results but this one is very recent! Anyway, very informative, especially since this is not something a lot of people tend to write something good about. Take care…