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Xbox 360’s Final Fantasy XIII Launch Party: Booing In London

The Koalition was at the recent Final Fantasy XIII Launch Party for the Xbox 360 on Tuesday in London’s Oxford Circus. Yoshinori Kitase and Isamu Kamikokuryo, the producer and art director of the game respectively were also at the event to answer questions.

Both men had held a competition while on stage that was when presenter Alex Zane took to the stage to announce whom the winner was of an awesome Xbox 360 Final Fantasy bundle. The crowd was not happy that they lost out – these hardcore fans could be heard booing the winner of the prize.

The video footage of the event is a little short, but The Koalition is working on the rest of the content and will upload full coverage of the launch party a little later. Five million copies of the game have already been shipped, read more on that in our recent post.



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