The Bible: Study and learn with new iPhone app – Biblicious

By Gary Johnson - Mar 13, 2010

A game that tests users knowledge of the bible has been released for iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Biblicious 1.0 is a question game that covers all parts of the bible, in 10 to 50 questions at a time.

Developed by Pariahware, Inc. the app has a range of game modes for the user to enjoy. Questions can be from the old to new testaments, or the whole bible. There are three different game modes including single player mode. The Mix and Match mode is great for when there is not much time to play as it is a quick ten-question game. Finally, the practice mode is similar in play to the single mode, but there is no time limit.

Biblicious 1.0 also gives users the ability to visit the online Pariahware Schwag store to purchase products that have the Biblicious or Pariahware logo on. As there is no lite version of the game, people who are interested can visit the Biblicious web site to see the game in action for themselves. iPhone and iPod Touch users with OS 3.1.2 or later, can get Biblicious 1.0 for $2.99 on the App Store.

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