PS3: MAG vs. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – Which is better?

By Peter Chubb - Mar 13, 2010

For those of you who were waiting for a great team-based FPS, then your prayers would have been answered when MAG and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 were released within weeks of each other. The two PS3 and Xbox titles are great games in their own right – but which is best?

Someone who has spent many hours with both games has given us an insight and found it interesting what he had said “MAG has 256 players, while BF2 has many less and graphics are better. So it’s kind of a trade off for graphics or many more players in my mind.” We just wonder if our readers agree with what this one gamer said?

Zavvi Blog has pitted the two together to look at the positives and negatives of both titles – studying visuals, audio, gameplay, value for money and then an overall look.

In the visuals department it is Battlefield Bad Company 2 that takes the win, but MAG pulls it back by taking the audio crown. Gameplay is where it matters most and MAG takes that win as well. Bad Company 2 will not give up without a fight and wins the value for money category – so we are left with a draw.

Read Zavvi’s complete breakdown of each game and let us know if you agree with the outcome. Let us know what your best weapons are for Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

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  • JOL

    MAG is way better get to lvl 70 and u will know what i mean u NOOBS BC is a retarted game for pathetic players who is afraid of a hard game!

  • Ethan Burke

    Bad Company 2 has way better sound design than MAG. If you look it up they were often complimented on their sound in the game, and how realistic the explosions and gun sounds were. Try putting on a pair of turtles and listen to a tank shoot. Also, battlefield bad company 2 is a much smoother, more packed game with much better gameplay imo, and in many other opinions. That is one of the main reasons BF is way more popular. Also battlefield has its own campaign, which offers a very fun experience, and showcases its graphics at the maximum level. The game has huge maps that are way better looking, and better feeling then those of MAGS, brighter, not so dim and depressing. I bought MAG, yes, and the laggy game engine and boring endless gameplay lead me to return it. I bought Killzone 2 instead. In all, I do realize that people are entitled to their own opinion, and MAG is a game for specific types of people, I just think that over all Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a much better game. Now with Vietnam and tons of map-packs, it is just getting better and better. There have also been other major add-ons like the cooperative game mode in which you and teammates go up against CPU in a big mission called "Onslaught". These new features in which MAG lacks, help benefit Battlefield to becoming a fuller and more worth your money type of game.

  • Mitch

    MW 2 is overrated and an arcade shooter at best, MAG is a fun game but BC2 is real where its at its more realistic also destructable buildings and the gameplay is awsome when you have 2 full sides fighting it out on either rush or conquest shit gets awsome i had MW 2 traded it in for BC2 and i dont regret it and I had MAG i liked it but traded it in for BC2 but I am going to get MAG again soon

  • matt

    MAG is my favorite action game ever. During the week, there are population issues on a couple of the modes. The weekend remains fantastic, though. For twenty bucks, you can not go wrong. Unreal battlefield gameplay.

  • yoyo jiz

    i want to buy one of those which is best for playing?

    • john

      I prefer MAG is better and you don´t have to wait 5 minutes to kill someone.

  • RR_

    i have a ps3, and MAG is terrible.

    BFBC2 > MAG

  • Robby

    people need to remember that MAG is PS3 only, so anyone who is saying BFBC2 prolly doesn't have a PS3, but maybe you do i'm just saying. I went MAG just for the PS3 specific platform, if i had a 360 then i would prolly play BFBC2, but then again i hate xbox or anything else microsoft…lol…go ahead and hate cause i know people will…lol

  • codmw2

    they both suck play call of duty mw2 if you want a real fps

  • Night Train

    BC and MW2 are both over rated.

  • Ubby11

    MAG has uncompressed DTS-HD audio, whereas BC2's might be compressed (though I'm not sure). Since MAG is a PS3 exclusive, the developers didn't have to compromise the audio to equal the 360 version, whose game generally have compressed audio due to the limited DVD space. I could be wrong, but it's just a guess.

  • cunnning

    256 players vs 24…. MAG is a great game and its a pity the 360 owners dont get to play it and will just go ahead and say BFBC2 is better coz thats all they get to play. MAG may not look as pretty as some games but it def doesnt look 'crap' and considering the size of the maps and amout of players it does not take anything away from the game. I love MAG and will give BFBC2 a fair go as well but dont hate it just coz you cant play it. Plus the more you play it the better it gets, so dont base it after a few goes of playing the beta, give it a few hours and you will like it more and more.

    • MAGty

      first of all bc2 has alot larger maps than mag most likely u haven got eney taste in war games i mean like really mag yes might have better audio but battlefield beats everything else

  • Ray flas

    Mw2 better than both

  • Rua

    Speaking of sound, have you chaps set the sound option for 'war tapes' on BFBC2? If you have a great sound system, choose this. Its awesome!

  • Franz

    I really think the author needs to reconsider crowning MAG as best sound. It makes me lose any credibility for the rest of his writing. The sounds of BC2 are a beast, even before DICE throw in the superb visuals to complement them. I know that sounds bias but it's suppose to be, it's my opinion that one game is better than another in certain departments. BC2 audio is far, far, far superior to anything I've played, and yes, that includes of course MAG. Peace.

  • mason

    mag is gay bfbc2 is beat.

  • Tom

    I'm wondering how MAG has better audio than BC2. I almost laughed for a second when I read that.

  • Ryn27

    MAG pulls it back by taking the audio crown??? hahahaha lol the sound in BFBC2 is amazing. You can literally hear the bullets wizzz by your head.

  • Jason

    BC2's sound has been described as best in the industry. I have a hard time believing MAG has better sound, maybe equal, but not better. I am bias, but BC def has better graphics too.

  • Bill

    MAG have better sound? I don't thinks so!

  • BKr

    Agreed. MAG isn't that good, it is built around team cooperation, however, most people playing are "Run and Gunners" so either you are left on your own to complete objectives- which get you killed, or you just join in on what everyone else is doing….and you still get killed. Graphics suck also

    • abigail

      MAG is awesum! pple who dnt like mag are pple who cant play it! u have to b on ur feet at all times and u have quick reflexs and good aim…thats all there is to it! i play it everday for hours at a time and i have a great group of guys that i play wit! if u ever playd mag for a while and then tried 2 go bak 2 bfbc u would hate bfbc cuz it would b boring! u just have 2 b more of a spare of the moment upbeat almost a.d.d. kind of person 2 play mag. and screw graphics cuz no matter wat kind of graphics mag has it still has proximity chat and can fit way more pple on a squad! im just sayn! ~ E-company-Abbie ~

      • gorilla warrior

        I have played all Zippers games Socom1-Mag. I played MAG since the beta was released to core subscriber on september 17 2009. That stated I bout the game on release day. It was me and 1 onther guy.

        At the time I loved Mag when there was 10,000 people playing at all times. Even if the gfx suck, even if the AUDIO sucks, the reviewer is crazy if he thinks mag sounds better the BFBC2. BFBC2 is quite possibly one of the best sounding shooters ever. Mag sounds like the guns were just some devs beating on different desks. Not saying that looks and sounds make a game, because I am not a COD fan by any means.

        In short MAG sux BFBC2 is very very very good, but I play on pc. Console version does not do it for me, but I will take it anyday over MAG. Mag has 256 players yes, but there is only about 255 people who still play mag. Games end up being lop sided. MAG is the perfect example of a game that had potiential, but did not make the cut becuase of lousy devs adding stupid stuff into the mix like 8 man parties in a platoon based game. At minimum parties should have been about 32players.

        Months after the hype died down they decied to add big group parties with like 128 people or so, but it was to late nothing can save mag now. My advice is if you dont like COD, and want something more team based get bfbc2. The one edge mag has over bfbc2 is more people use their mics, but even on MAG some games will go the entire game with no spoken words.

      • MAGty

        mag sucks id rather play cod1 than mag ok yes u can fit more people in a squad but bc2 has better graphics sounds weapons lets face it mag sucks bbc2 wins if people say mags better than they havent played bc2 in battle field u dont have to have to wait 20 seconds to get back to war the part i dont get is the teams in mag i mean really they added austria to the war instead of the 2 main battles US and sever and yes my user name is magty cause there was nothing else to come up with or remember

  • phil

    mag vs. bfbc2 graphics?and mag wins??meh. biased blog

    • Gavin

      I have a PS3, MAG and BC2 and I played MAG first, even after MW2 it was very overrated, I just hated it. I did keep trying though as I thought that there was nothing worse than MW2, I was wrong. I played BFBC2 afterwards and it felt Generations better, smoother gameplay, better graphics, better sound, realistic battles. I am now a BF fan, seriously try this even if u are bias against it, and you will never look back! also – no campers, rpg and goodbye wall