Google Earth’s Street View: Service for burglers

By Peter Chubb - Mar 16, 2010

There has been much debate over Google Earth’s Street View – which we covered in a recent poll – and a recent survey suggests that it is just a “service for buglers”. In a separate poll taken out by user felt that Street View was intrusive – this is the opposite of what our readers thought.

Their survey went on to interview 1,317 people – of which 57 percent said Google’s service was “intrusive”, while 24 percent gave the quote that we mention in our first paragraph. One of the things that have angered people the most is the fact that they were not asked for these images to be published.

The Telegraph does report that there is a positive side to Google Earth’s Street View – saying that the expansion of the amount of roads covered in Britain, which we covered in an article yesterday was seen as a positive move.

Google have said that they take privacy extremely seriously, and say that they have made it very easy for a user to request that an image be removed. For more information on this visit The Telegraph.

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