Xbox 360 is best selling console, beating PS3 and Wii

By Peter Chubb - Mar 12, 2010

Earlier in the week we reported that the Sony PS3 would become the best selling console by generations end – Microsoft will have none of it yet as the Xbox 360 was the best selling console in the U.S. in February. The Nintendo Wii was beating to the top spot by the Xbox 360 for the first time in two years.

February was a bad month for the games console market – sales were down by 15 percent. Console and game sales for the month were $1.26 billion – down 20 percent or $426 million.

Xbox 360 sales for last month in the U.S. was 422,000 units – the Wii sold 397,900 units, while the PlayStation 3 only sold 360,100 units. Let us not be put off by the PS3 coming third, this was a 30 percent increase over the previous year.

These figures could all change if users fall in love with the recently announced PlayStation 3 Move– which is said to be released by late fall. For details on game sales visit Yahoo News

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  • prummony

    Xbox is easy to be broken down..!!!!

  • thomas- puerto rican

    Remember just choose the console you really like, okay I really don’t care the games that has better graphics the important Is that just have fun enjoyed with your friends. And I am a boy 14 years old in Puerto Rico Dorado in Los Montes street garza 487 number of the house, number of the cell phone 939 630 5842 (moms cell phone) peace!!!

  • thomas- puerto rican

    Listen you gringos (americans) the ps3 is quite awesome!!! But the xbox360 is better great value,cool games like halo3(reach,odst) but the xbox live is pretty tough, but I think they only want to you gringos and puerto ricans is to pay xbox live so they can create more games and consoles the ps3 is going to get poor because almost everything is free and I don’t care if the ps3 has blu ray the important is which console will you choose and besides the sony company is jealous because the xbox has come back with better graphics and more stuffs so xbox is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! Whith new xboxs like the elite and kinnect.

  • AceTheBase

    to be honest i like the ps3 because it really do everything as stated and i love the xbox but i hate the hardware i had like 3 xbox360 and they all had the 3 rings of death the ps3 is built to last and this is gone be the year the sony takeover from the exclusive games to the motion controller ,3D entertainment blueray it really does everything i know for sure that the ps3 will out sell the xbox360 and the wii from this year to next year watch my word because most of the people that do have a wii just let its sit because of the game that come out for it and the controller is just not precise thats where the ps3 come in

  • Yarak

    yeah xbox is ahead but look at the european sales and asain sales. when you look at that, that is 2 regions for ps3 and also in japan ps3 is like 4 for every 1 xbox so they are getting ass kicked. if you count the number of xboxs that have been broken and the 2year ahead sales then yes xbox is winning in the us where it had most of the 56% failures for the first 2-3 years. XBOLLOCKS is a potential good console but microsoft fuck up everything like they do with there mobile phones and operating systems and ZUNE say no more…………………………

  • Luke

    360 has been out longer, maybe thats why its sold more, thn again all americans wank over 360.

    UK 😀


  • demon

    least they are selling well in one country USA, cause they lost Japan and others region , he he.

    PS3 is king as where it matters every where except US

  • Mornelithe

    I'm not put off by it. The PS3 may be in third by US NPD data, but sad facts are, the 360 needs to sell a hell of allot more in the US to counter the hammering it takes in Asian territories.