Verizon iPhone 4G: Effect on BlackBerry Storm 2 and 3

By Peter Chubb - Mar 12, 2010

We all assumed that Apple would offer Verizon the iPhone back when they unveiled the iPad – which is up for pre-order today – but that did not happen. Now we wait to see if Verizon will get the new iPhone 4G when it is rumored to be released in June or July.

This would certainly have an effect on the BlackBerry Storm 2, as users will not want this poor performing touchscreen smartphone from RIM – although there are rumors of a Blackberry Storm 3 on the way. Even if Research In Motion was able to launch a new Storm later this year – will it be good enough to stop people buying the iPhone 4G on Verizon?

Apple have and always will stick with its touchscreen user interface – as it is probably the best on the market, recent rumors suggest that RIM are to go with a slider option with the Storm 3. We have to wonder if it has something to do with Blackberry users not comfortable with how previous version of the RIM touch device has performed in the past?

Would you drop your Storm 2 in favor of the iPhone 4G?

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  • Nabil

    I bought the storm 2 uppon the recommendation of Mr. Sabry in Doha, I dont like it so far eventhough i did not charge it yet. Mr. Sabry is to be blamed for this.

  • Jim

    I am still using my Storm 1 and while it has limitations that Storm 2 has corrected. I am hoping that a non-slider Storm 3 possibility on a 4G network will be when BB finally gets it all together. A slider Storm 3 will chase me to an iphone or one of the other new phones. I hate slider phones…….

  • Jeff

    Please rim no slide out blackberry storm!! Storm 2 has just about got it right just a tweak here an there bam. Honestly the funtionality is equal to some things better and some lacking than iphone. Hey what you can say. Get more and better Apps I see no need to get an iphone.

  • Mike

    I had an iPhone on At&t…loved the phone…hated At&t's horrible coverage where I am. Picked up a Storm 2 and I love it. Its a great phone and as close to an iPhone as I can get right now. There are even some things I prefer with the Storm over my old iPhone. But if I had a choice of both on Verizon…I would still give the edge to the iPhone. The browser and operating system are just a little more consumer friendly and nicer to look at than the Storm's.

  • The Franchise

    I have a Storm 2 and as bad as the Storm 1 was, and it was bad, the Storm 2 has had zero problems. I am a very happy Storm 2 user. My Blackberry gets heavy use and I have had it over four months now. The Storm 2 is a good PDA, another quality BB and just another reason that RIM is the leader in market share in the Smart Phone market. No, I would not give up my Storm 2 for an i-phone or Nexus 1.

    • Derek

      Right on! I love my BB storm 2 and cannot wait for the 6.0 release to drop! I sold my Apple iphone 3gs and will struggle to even think about getting the 4g – it is a good phone but too simplistic as I am a tech head and like to tinker with different things on my phone. I really hope RIM knocks it out of the park with the storm 3!

      • vx0

        You’re probably not going to get 6.0 on the storm 2. Thus the storm 3.

        They should call it the Strike 3 because both Storms are right out of the funny pages. I love waiting 3 or 4 minutes while the wind-up toy CPU chews through the Java bloat to display even moderately complex web pages.


  • ZDH

    I will drop my Storm for the Nexus One. I could care less about the iPhone.