New iPhone Illusion App: Magic Card 2.0.1

By Gary Johnson - Mar 12, 2010

Magic card 2.0.1 a new app for the iPhone has been launched. The app uses a real deck of cards incorporated with the phones camera to create a magic trick.

Designed by Washington based Renditions Design, the app has been completely re-written to take advantage of the latest operating system on the iPhone. Magic Card gives the illusion that the camera can see through cards. Popular with magicians, the trick is user friendly enough for anyone to successfully complete on their first attempt.

Normally advertised on magicians web sites this app is suitable for anyone to enjoy. Features include; easy to follow instructions aided by photos, requires no sleight of hand, works with all camera enabled iPhones. The price of Magic Card 2.0.1 has been lowered for a limited time to $2.99, and found on the App Store. iPhone requires OS 3.1 or later.

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