New iPhone app helps with memory loss

By Gary Johnson - Mar 12, 2010

Forget 2.0 a new free app for iPhone and iPod Touch users has been launched to help disorganized and forgetful people remember forgotten information. California based INFOMATO Inc believes the app will be a great help for those “tip of the tongue moments”.

Using patented technology Forget works by helping users recall forgotten information using memory association. The app makes memory association much easier and quicker as computer technology is faster than the human brain, and will not forget, turning the device in to a great memory aid.

Studies have shown that by the time we reach 65, our memory recognition remains the same of an 18 year old, meaning Forget is an age proof solution to memory loss. Forget 2.0 is free via the App Store. iPhone/iPod Touch requires OS 3.1.3 or later.

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