Forget iPhone 4G: Why Android is winning?

By Peter Chubb - Mar 12, 2010

Recent studies show that RIM is still in the lead when it comes to the amount of handsets they sell, but Apple are waiting in the wings for the BlackBerry maker to slip up. However, Apple are not sitting pretty either and thoughts of an iPhone 4G is not worrying Google Android in the slightest.

Both Apple and RIM now have to watch their backs – Android are winning thanks to an onslaught of handsets. Although Android only has a 7.1 percent market share in the U.S. – 4.4 percent of that was made up in the last four months alone.

This growth is amazing for such a young brand – and new handsets on the way will do nothing but good for Google. According to Cnet – more than 60,000 Android smartphones are being shifted each day. These are not the huge numbers that we have seen with the iPhone, but the new 4G model will need to be something extra special – if not Android will become the No.2 or even the No.1.

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  • manu

    Mr. Chubb, please have someone edit your posts before you submit them. In many of your posts you used the word "are" when you should have used "is".

    Quote from your post: "However, Apple are not sitting… ".
    Correction: "However, Apple is not sitting…".

    We all make mistakes here and there and, per the cliche, I'm no English major, but it is very distracting to see this error made repeatedly. It's difficult to take serious someone who doesn't know when to use "are" and "is". The intention of this comment is not to offend but to make aware the proper use of "are" and "is".

    • 24hr

      what a troll. With a name like Manu you should be trolling spanish forums