Fable 3 Xbox 360: Higher Sales Than Fable 2 needed – Lionhead

By Jamie Pert - Mar 12, 2010

Despite Fable 2 being very well received it seems as if Lionhead weren’t happy with the game’s sales figures, approximately Fable 2 sold 3.5 million copies, however Peter Molyneux says Lionhead need Fable 3 to do much better.

Molyneux says that he wants Fable 3 to be purchased by 25-30% more people, this means that Lionhead want to sell approximately 5 million copies, obviously anything more than this will be a bonus.

Peter’s words at GDC 2010 sounded pretty serious, at one point he stated that is Fable 3 didn’t grow as a franchise it could eventually die.

I feel as if this figure is pretty achievable as piracy is down due to the mass console ban, not only this but with Twitter integration and possible Project Natal support the game sounds as if it has improved on the solid foundations set by Fable 2.

Source: JoyStiq

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  • LarryB

    well with the half hearted, obviously hastily released, force-you-through-the-game let down Fable 3 is… maybe they need to let it die. I LOVED Fable and even Fable 2 with it's problems, but while Fable 3 has it's good points… it is a serious let down for true gamers which was and is the majority of the Fable Franchise's fan base. If Fable 3 is the example, then the future looks bleak for Fable and Fable's fans…

  • Solid Snake

    Theres a simple answer for them. release it on both Xbox AND PS3!
    It's their own fault to be honest.

  • Anon

    Proofread please!