Apple iPhone Pro Concept: Shame its not the Verizon iPhone 4G

By Jamie Pert - Mar 12, 2010

Yesterday we posted an article showing you some ‘spy shots‘ of the iPhone 4G, these photos didn’t seem legitimate especially as there were no close-ups.

Today new iPhone concept renders and a video have shown up on SlashGear, I must say that although there is no chance that the iPhone 4G will ever look like this concept it is a shame as it looks very impressive.

The video shows a new larger iPhone running iPhone OS 3.2, this concept would feature better audio and a cleared camera, not only this but there would be two sliding paddles (presumably for gaming), a front-facing camera, a magsafe power connection and a power/sleep button on the rear.

All in all the ‘iPhone Pro’ ticks a lot of boxes, but lets face it its very easy to say what a concept would feature, its another thing creating a stable device which successfully offers all of this functionality.

You can see a concept video of the iPhone Pro below, alternatively check out the link below for all of the relevant information and renders.

Would you like the iPhone 4g to be similar to the iPhone Pro concept?

Source: SlashGear

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  • Rhy

    That is … Hideous. If they did add sliding parts I'd hope they'd make them very durable, i can't stand slide phones… They always feel like they'd break apart so easy =s

    then again, I'll probably go android next, least they're not scared flash is going to beat they're precious app store! -.-

  • Danheb

    Nope!!! I really don't like it…

    The two hidden sections would make it fragile, while they would be open, the only thing preserving the integrity of the casing would be the tiny screen!!!!
    This would also involve a lot of tiny film cables which would also make more vulnerable to defective behavior…

    Have you think about the battery placement? It's now sitting comfortably ion the back of the iPhone, by diminishing its storing place don't you think that it won't affect battery life?

    The mag safe connector cover would easily get torn off and even get lost…

    While the iPhone would be charging it would have to be face down!!! really not practical….

    While you were at it why didn't you ad a keypad that could be flip from the back??

    You better stick with other things than electronic design… This way we will be able to get improvement of the next generation iPhone instead of going backwards…