3,406 iPhone apps given away free

By Gary Johnson - Mar 12, 2010

An app that helps users get promo codes for free applications, has given away 3,406 paid apps in its first month. App Popular 1.2 Promo Codes Stream enables users of iPhone and iPod Touch to receive codes from developers to gain free access to their paid applications.

App Popular allows users to view 77 different App Stores in any top 100 country or category combination. Developed by App Popular LLC, the app is for users with a U.S. based iTunes account. Codes are limited to one per device a day, on a first come first serve basis. From within the app, users choose a code, enter, and verify their email address. They will then receive a code with redemption instructions via email.

App developers who submit promo codes will in exchange receive a weeks free promotion of their app, which can be seen by thousand of App Popular users. Find App Popular free on the App Store. Requires iPhone/iPod Touch with internet connection and OS 3.0 or later.

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