2012 Ford Police Interceptor: Based on 2010 Taurus

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 12, 2010

Since the mid-‘90s the Ford Crown Victoria has been the American police officers vehicle of choice. But with Dodge’s Charger and Chevrolet’s Impala growing more popular, and the soon to be arriving new Chevrolet police car based on the old Pontiac G8, Ford needed to come up with something new.

Enter the new generation Ford Police Interceptor based on the 2010 Taurus. And this car has a lot to live up to as the old Crown Victoria took up 70 percent of all vehicle sales for the police over the last 5 years.

Ford has carried out a lot of new modifications to its new Interceptor including up rated brakes, cooling systems, stability control electronics and a range of performance engines. And if the pictures on AutoBlog are anything to go by Ford are serious about keeping its sales up.

Head over to AutoBlog for a full run down on this new Ford Police Interceptor.

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  • Bob

    The new Taurus is a great car. However, there is more to a police interceptor than a body style and big engine. There needs to be room in the front seat for one, maybe two officers as well as their personal gear, and radios, laptops, GPS, tactical rifle, shotgun, and the rest of the required gear. In addition, there needs to be power supplies and a very beefy electrical system to support it all. Oh, and some room in the back for suspects, prisoners, or witnesses.

  • rod

    i liked the crown victioria and it makes a great taxi cab too