Sony Playstation Move: PS3’s Medal of Honor will not be compatible – EA

By Alan Ng - Mar 11, 2010

Some slightly disappointing news to reveal to you now (depending on how you see it), as EA has just confirmed that their upcoming Medal of Honor game will not have support for the recently announced Playstation Move controller on the Sony PS3.

As reported from VG247, EA’s Rich Farrelly revealed the bombshell in a recent interview with CVG. Both Playstation Move and Medal Of Honor are due for release later on in the year, with Farrelly stating that the team had a good look at what PS Move had to offer – but ultimately decided against the idea.

He explained: “We rule out anything that risks feeling like a gimmick.” Interesting one that. How do you see this? Are you disappointed that there isnt an ‘option’ at least for PS Move controls, or do you prefer the MOH control scheme to be left alone entirely?

Discuss away.

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  • hIdd3n

    it seems some people like to talk alot with out giving much thought to what their saying, i like the move and i can only hope the developers can see the possibilities that i can see, roll on socom4 i can't wait, wish i couls use the move on my pc with ARMA and my brand new periph cta's assualt rifle with the move 🙂

  • paolo73

    yep. not particularly impressed with motion controller. 2 days and i am bored out of my pants. thinking about flogging it on ebay. very disappointed not to be able to play medal of honour. i have even bought a gun! if you have young kids that's great! otherwise do not buy.

  • christo88

    What's the point of making a game thats main principal is realism. Whats more real having to use a thumbpad to aim and shoot or having to actually aim and pull the trigger on a gun shaped controller with motion control.

  • RIX0749

    K move is one of those steps to great invetions for gaming. Remember the superscope for SNES. Personally I think updates for FPS will come out as soon as the move shows what it can do for KILLZONE3. But why wait that long I dont care about publishers or production companies. I know alot of people just buy games from one company because of a track record. Instead of stating the obvious here I'll leave you with this. In Back To The Future 2 two kids are in the diner and Mcfly sees them tooling with an arcade game. he picks up the gun peripheral and starts blasting away. the kid says you have to use your hands? thats like a baby's toy. well the baby toy will be the first wireless step to hands free gaming that will be as immersive as the movie GAMER. so keep complaiing and procrastinating. one day you'll try it you might even like it. Thanx


    “We rule out anything that risks feeling like a gimmick.”
    what, like motion controllers? Good call…oh wait.
    Its gonna be dumb anyway, I already had this when it was called the MS vision, and the PS eyetoy. The games for these devices are incredibly repetitive and simplistic. Wall ball? Finger painting? Not to mention little/no compatibility with existing games.Yeah, great. Natal at least is offering new functionality, as opposed to a DIRECT ripoff of the Wiimote. Facial/voice recognition is a HUGE step technologically. Though I must say, motion controls are just that, a gimmick. Like a big plastic "guitar-shaped" controller or any other peripheral that only works for a few games and ends up gathering dust in the closet.

    • kyle

      so maybe u watching sony's e3 conference changed ur mind? maybed not. i was there and played the games i wanted to, and there wasnt no lag. hell, wii's boring when ur the only one playing it. nintendo has hardly any good games. xbox and ps3 r amaizing systems. both come with great similarity, and id rather buy move instead of kinect. move is 100. kinect is 150. both come with great variety, but their won't be hardcore games for kinect. move has over 40 titles this yr, and plenty more to come. killzone 3 is one of 'em. we also have 3d. we got the best reviewed exclusives and lots of em. wat does xbox have? halo and gears. thats a problem. plus u have to pay for the best online, and we get it for free. i love both systems, but sony's got enjoyments and care for the fans. mafia 2 will be longer on our system, dead space 2 n medal of honor come w/exclusive editions, and assassins creed brotherhood beta. we get so much this yr alone and beyond, and all u guys get is 3500 sports games on espn with kinect. thats tite, but im srry. we get the better experience.