PS3: Will it move you from Xbox 360?

By Peter Chubb - Mar 11, 2010

We reported earlier that Sony finally unveiled their new motion controller device – Move. The new gadget is said to be released in late autumn and will be in direct competition with Microsoft’s project Natal for the Xbox 360. (Hands-on review video)

The new device had been rumored for some time and came as no surprise when it was unveiled at Sony’s event – shaped like a microphone it will perform a lot like the Nintendo Wii. The PlayStation 3 Move will need a supplementary device – much like the nunchuck for the Wii.

We wonder what would win in a straight fight if it came down to how well they both performed for the user? The new PS3 Move will have a head start over Project Natal– this could have a serious affect on sales over the holiday season.

For those who know they will have to wait for Natal on the Xbox 360

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