PlayStation Move vs Project Natal: Who Will Win?

By Jamie Pert - Mar 11, 2010

As you probably heard Sony’s upcoming motion controller for the PlayStation 3 will be called the ‘PlayStation Move‘, with the release of the PlayStation Move and the Xbox 360’s Project Natal looking likely for later this year it seems as if these will be going head to head.

The PlayStation Move looks very similar to Nintendo’s WiiMote, however Microsoft’s Project Natal is completely controller-free, therefore both motion solutions will differ quite dramatically.

Nintendo have proved that a WiiMote-like device will work very well, therefore Microsoft’s Project Natal must be seen as much more of a gamble, unless you count the eye toy we have never seen anything remotely like Project Natal.

Many believe that if Microsoft’s software for Project Natal is stable, easy to use and accurate it will offer a completely new dimension to gaming, however perhaps E3 2010 we will have to wait and see.

What do you think will do better? Project Natal or the PlayStation Move?

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  • Alex S

    Why is it that fanboys need to throw out comments like "they stole this" or "they stole that"? Every company takes a little of another company and makes it better. Look at the Wii. Sony took what they had already marketed (Eye Toy) and improved it using (by "stealing" or by their own design,) the PSMove. Microsoft is the exact same. Fanboys need to realize that their own company will do whatever they can to make money. So you think Sony or Microsoft is stealing from whoever… so what? If it sells, good for them!

    But in my personal opinion, I think that Sony will "Move" (pun) ahead of Microsoft – mainly because of the audience they're turning to. Look at Natal – the games have (so far) been in the same categories at the Wii's, only better (graphics). Now look at the PSMove – Killzone 3, Resident Evil, Call of Duty… The Wii has already taken over family gaming, there's no arguing that point as almost every household has a Wii as a "family console". That leaves Microsoft a couple pegs behind, meaning that they'd also have to focus on more "teenage-oriented gaming". It's hard to say right now, but from the looks of things, Natal will be an awkward system to play Call of Duty on. Sony was smart in keeping buttons – a shooter just isn't the same without a trigger (button). Maybe Microsoft will come out with a model gun to use – but won't it then be like the PSMove?

    As a family system, the Natal will win against Sony. But in the long run, as one of the biggest audiences is the teenage action hero category, the Playstation Move will, in my opinion, succeed.

  • tyler is a retard

    wait lol gaming systems do that all the time look at the xbox controller 2 joy sticks ? 4 buttons one the right with d pad on the left ? lol your and idiot for bring that up look at everything in the world people want better stuff so superior company's improve it then people buy the better product look at cars look at everything.

  • Ok if Playstation move vs project natal will natal well win. I give guarantee that natal will win because ps move needs a controler and natal dose not . And if you buy ps move be carful maybe you’ll hit some one same for wii , you will hit someone with natal but with out a controller because wii and and ps move controllers are hard and solid like rock but natal it with you’re hand so maybe some one will get hirt but not a seruos engery ok so natal is safer

  • shhs

    natal probably is gonna have problems on how much games is going to work for it.

  • I look at it this way natal's lack of buttons will be a problem and the wii is a dead end because its hardware (both motion sensing and internal) can't be on par with the others. Playstation move FTW!!

  • rob

    we have to wait a see wats the best xbox have copyed the eye toy ps3 copyed the wii so it just a bull shit they all look good who care wicht is the best

  • Kevin B

    Unless Sony give what the Nintendo gamers needs, The Wii will still win. Simple logic.

  • Obviously Natal is better. Nuff said. All the fanboys can BBBBBAAAAAAWWWWWW all they want. But its an opinion backed by the vast majority of people.

  • Alberto

    Project natal is better than Ps3 move.

  • Alberto

    I think ps3 is riipin the wii of and on the other hand project natal is something fresh and new.

  • Justin

    Buddy, If you don't know, The Playstation Eye has pretty much the capability to become Natal and is already finished. It can handle the same things for example: Draw a picture put it up to the camera and it is put in the game (Eye pet) and becomes an actual object. I bet they could make the exact same demo Natal did with a few updates. And another thing you might not know. Microsoft isn't bringing anything of their own. The hardware and software were developed by a different person. And it's not exclusive to the Xbox.

    • George

      you are half right. The technology isnt exclusive to microsoft although primesense is in contract to mircrosoft, it is exclusive to xbox 360 as it relates to not being available to any other console. Has the potential for all types of entertainment applications. That is being proven now.

  • steve

    @the guest guy, internet explorer is a rip of netscape. netscape was the first browswer.
    besides, firefox is much bettr….firggin tard ¬___¬
    also, people saying that natal wont work on fps games: you’re retarded.
    it WILL work, ie imagine playing cod mw2. now sue your average controller. imagine ducking, to get behind cover(only a slight mvoement). shaking the controller slightly for melee attacks.

    • Guy

      So you stand up and attempt to use a normal controller effecively in combination with motion? I don't think so. You can't use a hardcore control while dancing around like a fool.

  • guest

    I completely agree

  • Dan

    The Ps2 had the ability to use full body and motion control sensing in 2004, it was demonstrated at stanford university, So if anyone was ripping it off its nintendo and microsoft,

  • grandizer

    In your article Mr. Pert the Wii and Project Natal already won.
    Points 1-3 How the hell did Nintendo and the WiiMote get involved in this comparison ween Move & Natal? Your Wiimote anallogy is stupid, uncalled for and unnecessary when you have actual, real & hands-on PSMove's device specs.
    Point 4 "eye toy?" Where have you been hiding? You are referencing an old PS2 camera with Natal when you have the PSEye presently representing the PSMove technology that pits it with Natal? Why do you have to go all the way back to year 2000? And you also sound like Tsunoda there.
    Point 5-6 Really how many? play on words?
    Point 7 on the title it was "who" but on the last sentence its "what", come on, man.
    I am really having fun sharp-shooting these kinds of journalism on the Net.

  • guest

    Everything is a rip-off of something, otherwise we would have one company for everything.
    E.g Firefox is a rip-off of Internet Explorer, it maybe better but a rip off all the same. So shove your fanboy comments up your arse

  • LOW


  • Microsoft invented the Vaporware strategy. The strategy is to get you to not buy the competitive product and wait until the "better" Microfoft version comes out. They are hoping no one buys the Move until their superior Natal comes out. Then, surprise! They've made some design "enhancements" and Natal is just like the Move. It's a delay tactic they invented in the early '90's. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  • paul smith

    i like the idea of both, but i do think that natal's games will be limited without any buttons, unless they do something along lines of holding the controller in one hand while playing.

    i cant see how things like FPS's would work, not that i particularly care for that type of game mind. but even golf will be awkward as i cant see how it could establish a good swing from a bad one.