Pentagon-Backed Venture Aims for ‘Google Underground’

By Jamie Pert - Mar 11, 2010

Since the original release of Google Earth, Google have adapted their popular service in many ways, we are now hearing that the Pentagon are backing a new service which is being dubbed Google Underground.

Although it is being dubbed Google Underground from what we can see it is not actually anything to do Google, DARPA (the Pentagon’s risk-taking research arm), have recently announced a program called ‘Transparent Earth’, this program aims to reveal Earth’s chemical and dynamic properties from up to 5 kilometers deep.

Another company called Geospatial Corporation is already undertaking a similar program, their probing can revealed pipes as small as 1.5 inches thick, they use a device called a ‘Smart Probe’ to produce a 3D map of the Earth’s underground.

It is thought that the Pentagon have contracted Geospatial Corp to create 3D maps of areas near their major facilities.

Source: Wired

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