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OCZ Launch Onyx SSD Series: Finally An Affordable SSD

Usually our posts regarding solid state disks talk about the latest and greatest SSDs, however the computer hardware manufacturer OCZ have recently launched a new range of affordable SSDs.

All of these drives are part of their new Onyx series, the 32GB Onyx SSD will apparently cost less than $100 and will feature SATA II connectivity along with a 2.5 inch form factor.

All of these Onyx drives apparently feature a 64MB on-board cache along with 125MBps write speeds and 70MBps read speeds, despite being budget drives they still feature TRIM support.

OCZ are launching these drives in an attempt to bring the best of both worlds to the consumer, previous SSDs offer great speed, reliability and power consumption however you have to a pay a lot for this. The new Onyx SSDs combine good speed, reliability and power consumption at an affordable price.

Source: TheInquirer



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