New iPhone Custom Calculator Utility: xSolve 1.0

By Gary Johnson - Mar 11, 2010

A powerful new calculator utility xSolve 1.0 has arrived for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Developed by California based TruffleSoft Inc, this powerful new app is a calculator combined with a purpose built application that helps make life easier.

Designed to utilize the iPhones unique capabilities and touch interface, xSolve 1.0 features a simple interface which allows users to create their own custom utility. From simple math to complex equations, users simply enter a formula; add any desired optional settings before the app creates their own custom solutions.

Features of the app include the option of saving the results and emailing them to colleagues, calculate business loan payments, write equations for hobby rockets, and check algebraic homework. XSolve includes some useful formulas to help users get started; Tips, volumes, gas mileage, and medical calculations. With US English, Japanese and French amongst its supported languages, xSolve 1.0 is only $0.99 on the App Store. iphone/iPod Touch required with OS 3.1.2 or later.

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