New iPhone and iPod Touch App: Real Trophy Hunting 1.0

By Gary Johnson - Mar 11, 2010

Real Trophy Hunting 1.0 an ultra-realistic hunting game has arrived for iPhone and iPod Touch users. Developed by Indianapolis based Sunstorm Interactive Inc, Real Trophy Hunting takes big game hunting to a new level of realism.

The game closely simulates real life hunting with stunning graphics and sounds, add to that real animal behavior, rain, snow and wind effects. You can bag the most prized big game animals using the tools of the trade;this will take a lot of patience and skill that some will find frustrating.

The developers with over 50 games in their back catalogue, and following the huge success of another hunting game, “ Real Deer Hunting “ have used their experience as founders of the hunting game genre to release this realistic hunting experience. Real Trophy Hunting 1.0 can be found on the App Store at $1.99, for iPhone and iPod Touch users with OS 3.0 or later.

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  • John

    The hype about how awesome the game is real; however, there are some REALLY big problems. First, the “hints” provided within the game regarding how to advance to the next level “expire” with two levels remaining. Normally not a problem, some mystery is expected when approaching the “business” end of a difficult game. However, this game has SERIOUS programing BUGS, because it constantly CRASHES at that point leaving the player SCREWED due to involuntary RESTARTS….I mean from SCRATCH! Fix this game you idiots! It’s really cool, except for the part where it SUCKS! Until this is corrected, no one should buy it!