New iPad and iPhone: More for Kids not Adults

By Peter Chubb - Mar 11, 2010

When it comes to setting up new gadgets such as the upcoming Apple iPad or the current iPhone, I think that I am pretty good – but not as good as someone much younger than me. It is no secret that kids pick up things easier than us adults, but it is shocking just how good they really are.

When thinking about Apple and the launch of the new iPad or the rumored iPhone 4G, it seems that children from as young as four will be able to work them. PC World picks up on the fact that it is only iPhone’s multitouch user interface that makes it possible for them to use the gadgets so easily.

I certainly understand what they mean, my grandson is just three and he uses the iPhone all the time to play on the number of games that I have installed. This is the same story with my nephew – from five years old he was able to use the iPod Touch.

This would never be possible on many of the other smartphones or such devices on the market, maybe Apple knew what they were doing – making it easier for kids to use their products.

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