New Apple iPad: PixelMags has 100+ apps ready

By Gary Johnson - Mar 11, 2010

PixelMags a California based developer has announced they have over 100 apps ready for Apple’s forthcoming iPad. Launched last December PixelMags have more than 60 titles for iPhone and iPod Touch users, which have sold in many countries worldwide on the App Store.

As the release of the iPad gets closer new magazine titles are being added everyday with the promise from PixelMags they will have more titles than any other company. Described as “a realistic digital magazine reproduction “PixelMags features virtual libraries, headline alerts, social network sharing, and with user-friendly bookmarking and search options.

Founder of PixeMags – Ryan Marquis – has promised they will be the leader in iPad App publishing, so bringing the PixieMags platform to the iPad was the next step. Users will be able to transfer Apps between the iPhone and iPad, and to optimize the reader’s enjoyment will be able to unlock special capabilities within the App. Head over to Pixel Mags to read more about the company.

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