iRetro Dialer 1.4: Rotary dialer for iPhone

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 11, 2010

The most simple things in life that we used to use every day seem to be coming back in many different ways, but with a 21st century makeover. Remember the old Rotary Dialer on your home telephone? Now if you do then you will love this new retro application.

There may be several similar apps in App Store already but not like this. Thanks to ASD Plus Inc. the old rotary dialer is back for the iPod touch and now known as the iRetro Dialer. Using this app will be just like the real thing, with 11 original skins and realistic sound effects you will think you’ve taken a trip back in time.

To use iRetro Dialer 1.4 you will need 4.5mb of space and OS 3.0 or later. Available from the App Store for the small price of $1.99. Do you think there should be more retro apps available?

For more information visit or watch the video below to see a hands-on with iRetro Dialer 1.4.

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