iPhone OS-based iPad: The End for Mac?

By Peter Chubb - Mar 11, 2010

For years we have assumed that the greatest enemy of the Mac was Microsoft Windows, but Apple may have to look a little closer to home. It has been suggested that the iPhone OS-based iPad could be the product that kills of the Mac and not a rival.

We know that the iPad can be used on the go, but most people will go for the cheaper Wi-Fi option – making this a more at home device, this is when things get more difficult for Apple. Let us remember that Mac supports Flash, the iPad does not. However, if Apple has their way HTML 5 will become the standard – YouTube has already started offering support.

PC Mag is looking at the bigger picture – stating that the iPad is just one of many devices that will run on iPhone OS. Apple will do what they can to take a share from Windows – that means that we will see mini-PCs running iPhone OS. If this were to happen – then Mac could slowly fade away in favor of a smoother more controlled operating system.

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