Google Earth’s Street View: Do you feel safe with 3D Map views?

By Alan Ng - Mar 11, 2010

Google Street View – an ever growing debate on whether Google’s satellite technology provides more use, than actual harm. Following on from reports last week, that Google may have to shut down Street View in Europe, we would like to know your thoughts on the service. Do you like it or not?

If you are unaware by now, Google Street View allows you to view exact street addresses, company buildings, and so on, in both 360 degrees horizontal and 290 degrees vertical panoramic views.

While people such as Tourists may find Street View useful for checking out places they plan to visit, others may find it particularly worrying that their homes are actually left quite vunerable to people on the other side of the law.

To test this out, I put in my own post code and in a matter of minutes, I was practically able to zoom into my front windows of my home, and view it from a series of locations.

While Street View is still a relatively new service, just how many of you are aware of the thorough analysis that Street View provides?

We have created a poll for you to take part in, asking for your opinions on Google’s Street View. Feedback would be appreciated.

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  • Charles

    It's only a problem if you make it one.

  • Paul Fletcher

    I find the street view very helpful when planning a trip to an area I do not know. Recently, I went to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. The street view showed where the buildings were and what they looked like. I found my hotel and where I was supposed to park underneath and where the entrance was. Location views in cities are very useful, but I'm not too sure about rural homes and villages. I guess if the people of a certain area, are particular, then of course omit the street view.

  • ale

    how in the world do u get to maps

    • garvin

      If you find out let me know

  • Jake

    All street views were captured years ago and are not real time, if they were then I would feel unsafe.

    • Beryl

      I agree Jake. But how often is it updated, that's what I want to know?