GDC 2010: SOCOM 4 will make ‘full use’ of Playstation Move

By Alan Ng - Mar 11, 2010

Well heres some great news direct out of Sony’s press conference at GDC 2010. The company has just shown off the recently announced SOCOM 4, being played entirely with motion controls.

As most of you will be aware, Zipper Interactive will be handling the game, so what better way for one of their team to demonstrate how Playstation Move will interact with the game.

If you choose to play SOCOM 4 using motion controls, you will be required to use the Playstation Move, along with a secondary ‘sub controller’. One will serve as your movement, while you use the second device to perform actions within the game.

I watched the video demo live at the event and it does look pretty impressive, but whether you will want to play an FPS using two motion controllers remains to be seen. However, the dev from Zipper seemed to be pretty comfortable when using it to play the game, so it shouldn’t require too much of a learning curve.

Hopefully we’ll have the video up soon. Let us know your thoughts on this.

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