GDC 2010: Playstation Move will cost $100 [updated]

By Alan Ng - Mar 11, 2010

Sony has just announced at GDC 2010 that their upcoming PS3 Motion Controller, now revealed as ‘Playstation Move’, will cost $100 for the starter kit and will be available this fall.

After announcing the price for the Playstation Move, Sony went on to show us some of the types of games that will be available for device, such as a mini game called Move Party, a fighting game called Motion Fighters, a table tennis game and also Little Big Planet using the PS3 Move.

What do you think about the price though? $100 is quite reasonable actually, so no complaints on that part. We’ll update you with much more details soon.

Let us know your intial reaction to the price point.

[UPDATE]: It has also been confirmed that the $100 price point will include the Playstation Eye accessory, Playstation Move controller and a game also. Not bad at all.

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  • Alex

    you guys are a joke $100 for this is not bad at all, its pretty much like getting a brand new gaming console its going to change the way you look at your ps3 forever!

  • haseeb

    man its so expnsive

    maybe the price wll reduce after some time

  • tfhfghh

    100$??!! I WILL NEVER BUY IT FOR THAT $$!! I ALREADY SPEND 300$ on PS3 slim! BAD MOVE SONY! I though PS3 is for HARD CORE GAMERS not a crappy Wii s#i%

  • Bob

    $100 seems a bit crazy 🙁

    • Its actually a bundle, Bob. PS Move, PS Eye and a disc containing demos..for your $100.