Crysis 2 (PC): Impressive Details Regarding System Requirements

By Jamie Pert - Mar 11, 2010

Back in 2007 when Crysis was launched on the PC the recommended system requirements were pretty high-end, however according to a recent article posted on SoftSailor it appears as if Crysis 2’s requirements will be lower than the original Crysis’.

This information was revealed at the India Game Developer Summit 2010 during Carl Jones’ (representing Cytek) speech, he suggests that Crysis 2 will have lower system requirements, however the game will still manage to offer better graphics, looking at the recent high res screens this does seem to be the case.

The recommended system requirements for Crysis included a Intel Core 2 Duo (2.2GHz)/ AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ processor, 2GB of RAM and a graphics card similar to an NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS (full requirements here).

At the time of the original Crysis release these specifications would have cost you a great deal, however now even quite average systems feature an equivalent processor and RAM, which means you may just have to buy a better graphics card.

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  • pcgamin4fun

    @Fernando, Valve is AWESOME. If Crytek turns out to be the same as Valve or even similar, I would be a very good customer to them.

  • anubis

    Detritus u are all

  • Fernando

    Yes!, I was finally waiting for this. Crysis too much CPU or GPU and now that this has been announced. I have no need to upgrade my cpu because of this. Normally new games need the newest computers out there because of its "GRAPHICS". but seriously. Look at Crytek, Making their users happier then b4. Valve too is doing the same thing.