Bioshock 2 DLC: Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack, Now Available for Xbox 360

By Jamie Pert - Mar 11, 2010

Just under a week ago we posted an article suggesting when the ‘Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack’ DLC for Bioshock 2 would become available, it looks as if our previous post was spot on as you can today buy the DLC for your Xbox 360 for 400 Microsoft Points.

As previously stated there are plenty of reasons to buy this DLC, there is a new rank increase for multiplayer gaming, along with new upgrades for your weapons, not only this but there are new trials, playable characters and 5 new masks.

If you would like to purchase the Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack you can add it to your download queue here.

Have you downloaded the Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack? If so, tell us what you think so far in the comments section below.

Source: Xbox Live Marketplace

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  • Zigo

    The new gun upgrades are alright. There is a nail gun upgrade that makes it shoot 5 nails at a time and the faster grenade launcher upgrade is that much faster.

  • carlos928

    Does anyone know when this will be available on Amazon?

    • Agustus Sinclair

      wtf! since when does Amazon sell DLC!?

  • Kyle

    Mine is not working, didn't change anything I'm still a 10.

  • Jared

    why isnt it available for PS3 yet?

    • It may well be but I have not heard anything, I will check soon

      • Jared

        I have seen two people on PS3 with it, but I cannot find it in the store. "Bioshock 2" does not even have a section in the "add-ons" portion of the store.